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NIH: Return To The Days Of The Reich?

September 29, 2021







1.) "NIH Director Francis Collins On Tony Fauci, The W.H.O. And Running A $39 Billion Research Agency From Home." - StatNews, April 21, 2020




2.) "Calls For Investigation Grow As "Close Ties" Emerge Between Huawei, Cambridge Research Center." - ZeroHedge, September 15,2021




3.) Trying To Find Inexpensive Alternatives To The Vaccine Is Purposely Being Pushed Aside By The Left's Regime Media, Which Wants the Continued Use Of The EUA, (Emergency Use Authorization), Across All 50 States . . . Period!

The EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) was provided to states by the Fed, allowing state and federal leaders to override the Constitution and rule over citizens for their "safety," including the taking of a vaccine. However it was reported an EUA Cannot Exist If Other Cheaper Drugs Are Made Available!

Now you can understand why the left's regime media is protecting the power the Pandemic gave to Pelosi and Schumer back in March of 2020 during the Trump presidency. By 2022 the left could shred the Constitution, one state after another and all that goes with it including fair elections. To that end California has made mail-in elections permanent, as if it was "party like it's 1999." - Webmaster

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Even the Americans finally got to the horrible truth of what the Third Reich was doing to human beings and world, killing them in the millions as we begin to repeat that 80 years later? - Webmaster

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And Now This From Judicial Watch Over A Year Ago!

Stunning report from Judicial Watch on the NIH, an oxymoron to the word health. - Webmaster

"FDA Purchased Baby Heads And Other Body Parts, Documents Show Federal Government Demanded Organs Be 'Fresh And Never Frozen.'" - WND, 9/14/2021




Going From Selling Unfrozen Baby Parts To Treason In The White House. Which Is Worse And Does The FBI Or CIA Care?

Remember our hopes for justice with Barr? Seems like years ago, doesn't it. That's because it was. Don't hold your breath. - Webmaster

Our Founders could have never imagined a media what was as bad as British taxes. - Webmaster

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