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President Biden, Nominated By A South Carolina U.S. Congressman, Goes After Honored Military Academies.

October 1, 2021



Biden's Democrat Administration Orders Ideological Purge Of U.S. Military Academies. - TheFederalist


Shades of the Third Reich, going after Germany's Youth to attack and destory its democracy almost overnight. - Webmaster

Photo Source: The Federalist

"There is no greater danger to the country than this effort to politicize the military by ensuring that all officers hew to the political party line of this administration." - TheFederalist


Article by John Lucas, The Federalist, September 10. 2021


“President Joe Biden and his administration are continuing to purge and politicize the American military. Consistent with the totalitarian left’s effort to control curricula down to the grade-school level, their latest effort targets the education of America’s future military leaders at the service academies:

The U. S. Military Academy at West Point, the Naval Academy at Annapolis, and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

This is not happening by accident. And there is no greater danger to the country than this effort to politicize the military by ensuring that all officers hew to the political party line of this administration.

Each of the service academies is overseen by a bipartisan 'Board of Visitors,' comprised of accomplished members of Congress, retired military personnel, and distinguished civilians. By federal statute, these Boards of Visitors are charged with a duty to 'inquire into the morale and discipline, the curriculum, instruction, physical equipment, fiscal affairs, academic methods, and other matters relating to the Academy.'

The members visit the academies regularly and by law are required to submit an annual 'written report to the President of its action, and of its views and recommendations pertaining to the Academy.'

On January 30, less than two weeks after President Biden’s inauguration, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced he was suspending the Boards of Visitors for West Point, the Air Force Academy, and the Naval Academy, along with those of 39 other DOD advisory boards.

This suspension of operations was to take place “immediately,” pending completion of what Austin called a 'Zero-Based Review' of the boards. This was to include recommendations of 'changes to mission or functions, membership balance, [and] membership size.'

Although the service academies’ Boards of Visitors’ operations were suspended, their membership was retained, at least temporarily. Austin could not fire the members of their boards because they are appointed, by statute, by congressional leadership and the president. That purge would have to come later, as it now has.

Austin ordered that the review of service academies’ boards was to be completed by April 30. This has yet to occur. However, on August 27, Susan Gough, a Pentagon 'Strategic Planner & Spokesperson,' announced:

'Largely, the zero-based review committee-level work has been completed, and Secretary Austin is examining the recommendations to determine how he wants to move forward…. We don’t have any specific announcements to make at this time, but we should be able to communicate in more detail soon about what boards are going to be reconstituted and how they’re going to be both chaired and populated” (emphasis added).

The next shoe dropped on Sept. 8, when the White House purported to fire the service academies board members appointed by President Trump.

Notwithstanding Biden’s self-professed policy of unity and 'bringing the nation together,' this unprecedented action was calculated to be as insulting as possible.

Biden’s director of the Office of White House Personnel, Catherine Russell, sent letters to all the president-appointed members requesting their resignations that same day with a caveat that they would be terminated if they did not resign voluntarily by 6:00 p.m.

She did not include any recognition of their past service, just a perfunctory 'thank you' for their demanded resignation. Nor did she give any reason for the firings, or mention that each member had been appointed for a three-year term.

This message came from the top. Russell is not some third-tier millennial who is freelancing policy decisions without the president’s knowledge and approval. She is a senior, experienced Democrat political operative who is a 'longtime adviser to both Vice President Biden and his wife Dr. Jill Biden.'

Among other things, she is a former chief of staff to Jill Biden, an 'ambassador-at-large for Global Women’s Issues,' and is married to President Obama’s National Security Advisor Tom Donilon.

Her brother-in-law is Mike Donilon, a lawyer and political consultant who was the chief strategist of Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign and now serves as a 'chief advisor' to Biden. These are top-level, plugged-in people who are part of the policy-making core group of political operatives running this show.

Another 'Special Assistant to the President,' a thirty-somethingish Katie Petrelius, added (more) insult to injury in an email, curtly informing the distinguished members like Gens. Jack Keane and H. R. McMaster, Rep. Sean Spicer, and others that,

'If we do not receive your resignation by end of day today, you will be terminated.'

Russell’s and Petrelius’s heavy-handed and dangerous effort to eradicate independent and diverse viewpoints are clearly part of a coordinated strategy. It fulfills the Pentagon’s promise 'to communicate in more detail' about how the boards will be 'reconstituted and how they’re going to be both chaired and populated.'

As of this writing, the administration and its allies in the press have not yet coordinated their defense of this political purge. The first weak effort was Jen Psaki’s in her Sept. 8 press briefing.

She gave the game away when she defended the firings, saying among other absurdities, that 'the president’s qualification requirements are …. whether you’re aligned with the values of this administration.'

Think about that: Those overseeing the education of our future military leaders must align themselves with Joe Biden’s thinking and values. Scary thought.

These lefties are saying retired vice chief of staff and four-star general Keane, West Point distinguished graduate and three-star general McMaster, and Spicer, however competent they may be, are not fit to serve this country overseeing the military service academies because they are too diverse—they may not be 'aligned with the values of this administration.'

What an utter disgrace. And a dangerous one.

The American people need to fully understand how dangerous a precedent this administration is setting for the country. It is not just part of the continuing Biden purge of anything Trump touched, although it is that.

It is part of the political left’s relentless drive to force political conformity in thought, word, and deed on all segments of society, including the military.

It is also an attempt to overthrow the fundamental military ethos and tradition of being apolitical.

The military has always had a long and valued tradition of being apolitical. In all this writer’s years of active service, all of which were during the Vietnam War, I never heard an officer criticize any president or push any political position.

Most officers and non-commissioned officers take pride in that. Their sworn loyalty is to the Constitution, not to any particular president or administration. This ethos and tradition also have the force of law.

They are enshrined in Article 88 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. It is commanded by law for good reason: A politicized military would pose an existential danger to our constitutional order.

The apolitical nature of the military, along with its competence, is one of our country’s crown jewels. It is a priceless tradition.

It is priceless because its elimination for a standard by which those overseeing the education of our future military officers must agree with 'the values of this administration' would inevitably fully politicize the U.S. military (a process many fear is already underway).

There is no greater danger to both the safety and the freedom of the American people."


John Lucas is a practicing attorney in Tennessee who has successfully argued before the U. S. Supreme Court.

Before entering law school at the University of Texas, he served in the Army Special Forces as an enlisted man and then graduated from the U. S. Military Academy at West Point in 1969. He is an Army Ranger and fought in Vietnam as an infantry platoon leader. He is married with four children.


Photo by Mike Strasser, West Point Public Affairs.

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Article by John Lucas, The Federalist, September 10. 2021


TKS for the heads-up from Bill of Florida




So Who Started This President Into Office To Attack Our Military And Patriotic Youth In Their Military Academies?


If you want to know who is responsible for the failures in Afghanistan, gas prices rising 50%, loss of world dominance in energy, food prices rising overnight, while hiring anti-patriotic military leaders who left American citizens behind with 13 of our soldiers murdered in Afghanistan, you need to look no further than Pelosi's favorite Congressional Black Caucus leader, U.S. House Rep and whip from South Carolina, Jim Clyburn.

Why? Because he alone salvaged Biden's bid for the presidency in 2020. Clyburn did this when everyone thought Biden was gone, the Democrat party saying it was looking for someone young, diverse and of color.

However Biden was white, had served for nearly 50 years in the Democrat Senate along with eight of those years with President Barack Obama, and was being picked by Clyburn to represent the "changed party" of 2020.

"Jim Clyburn Changed Everything For Joe Biden's Campaign." - Washington Post

"'There is a park in Mosul,' Mark Arabo told 'where they actually beheaded children and put their heads on a stick and have them in the park.' According to Arabo, women are being raped, and then murdered, and men are being hanged." -

In her party dress. "ISIS Militants Beheaded Children, Raped Women And Hanged Men Of Christian Community Of Mosul." - ChristianPakistan

"Obama Has Failed, America no Longer Leads the World." - Lech Walesa, Newsmax, Jan. 2014

President Obama and Vice President Biden allowed ISIS warriors to cross the desert from Syria and into Northern Iraq, where ISIS was allowed to murder and behead over 100,000 Christians, including women and children.

Obama said it could take a decade to get rid of ISIS standing next to Biden. Obama had even called ISIS the "JV Team," a term in basketball for a young team that was not dangerous in beating anyone on the court.

However Trump proved Obama's and Biden's inabilities by literally getting rid of ISIS in the last two years of his presidency. But don't ask the media. They forgot to report it.

ISIS murdered so many Iraqi Christians that for the first time in 2,000 years, (since Christ walked the land), Sunday services went silent because no one was alive to attend. Again this is thanks to the leadership of Obama and his "Faith-based" VP, Joe Biden.

Now in 2021, with Biden as president, we have disasters we could have never imagined happening in America. And we may have not seen the last of them.

Clyburn knew who Biden was when he nominated him. And he had to know about Biden's drug-infested son, Hunter, Biden himself laughing on video about the son's work in the Ukraine.

So instead of looking for the source of America's troubles in Washington, D.C., you will find it in the deep south around central South Carolina. This was as the left's hate for whites burned across America compliments of BLM and Antifa in the burnings and looting of 2020, where not one single Democrat stood against it or tried to stop it, including Clyburn.

The Bible had mentioned that the tiny tongue is like the rudder of a great ship, and so it is in Washington D.C. under Clyburn's leadership today. His journey to the Capitol started by the good people of his district in South Carolina, putting him in Congress in 1993, almost three decades ago. - Webmaster



Video Below Shows South Carolina U.S. House Congressman, Clyburn, Meeting With Favorite Democrats, Thanking Them For Endorsing Former VP Biden For President.

Democrats smile and shake Biden's hand in this early 2020 video, as Biden is heard to promise to beat Trump and "take away the fear" people would have for the country if Trump should win a second term in November of 2020.

But in October of 2021, 21 months later, Biden as president has allowed well over one million immigrants to across America's southern border to complete for jobs held by black and Hispanic Americas. Biden calls Hispanics by the left's political correct sexual neutral term, Latinx, to not offend transpeople. Did anyone ask?

Biden also knew that 1 in 5 of illegals coming across the border were infected with COVID. Yet Biden doesn't require a vaccination for any of them.

However instead Biden is now forcing nurses to quit their jobs if not vaccinated, the same nurses who will be needed as illegals infect America citizens bused into American neighborhoods literally "in the middle of the night" without local authorities informed by Biden's people.

But Biden tells them not to worry. Those nurses will be replaced by importing phillipinos medical technicians, Democrats echoing those words on their "regime" media so sick Americans will not worry when being rejected at a local hospital, as my stepson was tonight with COVID.

Biden has also allowed Critical Race Theory into our military that divides blacks and whites. Now with this article from The Federalist, Biden is also attacking the patriotism of our youth joining military academies.

In fact on the day when Biden started his eight year term in 2021, he literally in seconds destroyed women's sports, allowing men to compete who think they may be women.

And of course those men, being larger and stronger, usually win in womens' sporting events while taking away the chance of scholarships from young college age girls who have worked for years in being the best they could be in their sport. Now that hard work is being crushed by Biden and his nasty political party.

And Biden doesn't give a damn, nor do his Democrat followers, with Biden usually turning his back on reporters' questions. Is this what Clyburn was expecting from his very close friend mentioned in the video below?

It is where you can watch Biden making a promise, saying if he is elected president he would get rid of fear in America that would have been brought about by Trump if winning a second term.

OMG, Americans today under Biden are discovering what real fear is, a tragedy not seen since WWII. At least back then there was a reason. - Webmaster

Click Here to watch if video has been removed.

"Joe Biden has won the endorsement of Rep. Jim Clyburn, the highest-ranking black member of Congress and the kingmaker of South Carolina's Democratic political orbit. The House majority whip's backing could provide a much-needed boost for the Democratic presidential candidate before South Carolina's primary.

Clyburn says he can think of no one 'more committed to the fundamental principles that make this country what it is' than his 'good friend' Biden." - WLTX News, February 26, 2020

Video Source: WLTX News




Another Clyburn Video, With Selected Democrats, Responds To President Trump's Speech While Serving As President.

It is called: FAITH WITH WORKS


The copy for the video reads,

"Our partners in this journey include the Episcopal Church. . . the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism . . . African Methodist Episcopal Church . . . Sojourners . . . the Skinner Leadership Institute . . . the Presbyterian Church . . . NETWORK Lobby . . . American Baptist Home Mission Societies . . . Friends Committee on National Legislation . . . Soka Gakkai International-USA . . . the Progressive Baptist National Convention . . . and the National Council of Churches."

The video shown below speaks for itself of Democrats chosen by the U.S. House of Representatives, Clyburn. We need not forget it is these same Democrat leaders, with the above listed religious groups, who supported President Biden's current purge of patriotism from our military and now our historic military academies as reported in The Federalist, some of those institutions having existed for centuries.

Democrats also openly supported the infamous Democrat governor of Virginia. He reported that after a baby was born, to make it comfortable until the mother and her doctor decided what to do with it, like some fast-food dinner gone cold.

Remember, Clyburn's guest Democrats in this video were all elected by the people who live in their districts, during elections watching massive political ads from the left's donations to local regions to get Democrats elected. This was while the national "regime media" of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, New York Times and the Washington Post, to name a few, filled in the holes on national evening news or print editions.

Click Here to watch if video has been taken down.

"On March 1, 2017, several members of the DFWG recorded a video response to President Trump's Joint Meeting Address to Congress." - Congressman's Clyburn's Web site

Video Source: Clyburn's Interview on his Web site.

Now Meet A Real A Real Leader!




Is This What Is Meant By "Build Back Better!"

Democrat Joe Biden Marked 20th Anniversary Of 9/11, Criticizing ‘Dark Forces’ In America Against ‘Peaceful Religion’ Of Islam. - Breitbart







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