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While All The Governors Stayed Silent!

October 13, 2021



There is little doubt, when you look at all the news reporting from Comcast's MSNBC, AT&T's CNN and Disney's ABC after March of 2020, their on-air personalities knew the scripted words would put hundreds-of-thousands of Americans at risk of death, their reporting going into millions of homes.

They had to know playing politics with America's world-respected medical community, silencing comments from licensed doctors that didn't fit the narrative of their global corporate bosses, would be deadly.

Seeming to do anything for fame and money, these media darlings didn't care. Not even a little. And for what? To protect a money trough from Washington D.C. Democrats during the 2020 election, which would cause tens-of-millions of citizens to find themselves living in a country they wouldn't recognize a year later? It is a nightmare from Democrat leadership that had no problem leaving hundreds of Americans behind to die in Afghanistan, while at home allowing diseased illegals to cross the southern border literally cart blanche.

The media reports would go into every city and town across the country to announce the lie that only American citizens needed the jab. This was as Hier mein Führer Fauci protected the left's media agenda, saying vaccinated Americans could still spread the virus while those special infected illegals living in squalor, coming across our border, would not. Fauci claimed they were just fine, their COVID infection different, like having a summer flu?

No sanitary wipes needed. No masks. But best of all, No questions. And those coming from Haiti? Well they were probably infested with AIDS. Nothing to see here, move along.

The ghoulish national entertainment and news pariah, money flowing out of their pockets, knew for months American bodies were being loaded into refrigerator trucks outside hospitals, telling viewers again, Move along, nothing to see here, adding, There is no other medication available to help you. Those American doctors on FOX and NewsMax have been lying to you.

Of course if doctors did mention the names of actual inexpensive medicine online to combat COVID, their speech was quickly branded as . . . wait for it . . . misinformation. Some would even have their online accounts shut down.

It was like a return to the Gestapo of 1936, 90 years later after the world said in 1945, never again. Of course those who made that promise are in their graves, leaving a corrupted generation to make up the new rules to overwhelm the society. Who are they? Take a look at Yale's Red Guard, not your father's college campus.

Many of those COVID bodies in the refrigerator trucks had been moved to crematoriums, loved ones never allowed to see them alive again, parents and grandchildren never able to say goodbye. It was all like a scene from Rod Serlings "Night Gallery."

Or you can also think of it as a morbid painting, colors splashed on canvas from the strange world of a U.S. president's crack addicted adult son. Except he seems to have not painted the collection put on display. Did he hire the art out? Once sold would he then share profits with the big man?

With literally all other artists around the world, just looking at the last hundred years some taking decades to perfect their art, how could this president's son suddenly create all this work overnight? Did you know that several paintings sold last week for $75,000 each? And that was before the exposition! Of course you know the media was not allowed to ask the names, favors to be later granted in the darkness.

If art works could be hired out, it would be reason enough you wouldn't need expensive studios or decades of "silly sacrifice" to develop your technique, your style, your trade, your name. All you had to say was, those hanging there on a wall in the exposition are mine, knowing your father's media would never ask, never tell . . . not even hint that his son may be a fraud.

As mentioned, media personalities already had their pockets filled to the brim with cash, so why would they mess with a good thing when the news was so easily spoon-fed to them, coming from those "government servants" like Barack Obama. Behind the scene he could create the mission statement and pass it on to Susan Rice. She could then forward it to Biden's handlers. Their shadow government could run side-by-side with the one everyone thought was real.

Biden has even created a "faux" White House press briefing room so he can easily read the prompter from a desk. It is the strangest stage one has ever seen for a president of the United States. But when you can't remember your words, it fits the bill.

This freight train started down the tracks when Obama folded his hands over his crotch during the playing of the National Anthem at a summer Democrat fundraiser in 2007. Some in the military called it the presidential candidate's own crotch salute to America. But that didn't matter. The progressive Democrats loved it. They had found their savior. They had found their god, "the one."

In other words, the progressive media knew the Obama / Biden drill all along, having followed it for over eight years. They had allowed it and now they worshipped it. In the end their fellow leftist journalists across the spectrum had become like images of someone trying to carry a mattress on their back, wallowing down progressive-lined streets in Democrat run cities hollering, Curb service.

It would keep the lies alive and their liberal johns well serviced for as long as Obama's social justice mandate would need it. Fundamental transformation takes time, as Obama and the corrupted Washington Democrat Party discovered with Trump's election in 2016.

The people spoke. But with the help of COVID lockdowns, the Democrats would ensure in 2020 those voters wouldn't speak again. Like Stalin reminded us about elections, It's who counts the votes that wins. - Webmaster



You Need To Read The Article Below!

"Main stream media had a chance to share this with us in 2000 when 60 Minutes had spent more time and money on this story than any other segment of the TV Magazine’s history according to their producer, but the network producers would not permit the program to air." - Devvy Kidd, NewsWithViews


Article From News With Views, October 4, 2021

People died of COVID that didn't have to die and they are shoved aside like, "Move along, nothing to see here."  - Webmaster

Mom Says Her Healthy Son, 16, Died During Math Class Weeks After Receiving COVID Vaccine. - WesternJournal, October 13, 2021






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