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National Pride: It's Evil, As Seen By The Left's Military Leaders

October 27, 2021




"As it turns out, the 'woke' thrive in this climate, embracing political correctness and rising through the ranks, while the traditionally minded, who are still likely the majority, get discouraged and tend to leave early.

'The amount of company-grade officers who complete their first four years of service and leave as a captain … is huge,' he said. This is reflecting the cultural trend in broader society.

'Nowadays in America, having national pride is looked at as being evil. Having any type of moral background in ethics and traditional values, which often is based in religion, is being destroyed,' the officer said." - EpochTimes



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"A Rot Pervades America’s Institutions!" - Epoch Times

"I doubt that he’ll be able to remain in the military for long—public sentiment against him is strong and growing—but I also doubt that he’ll be disciplined.  The rot that he himself embodies is too widespread to require it. Indeed, 'rot at the top' describes our situation to a T." - Epoch Times

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"At the end of his magisterial book 'How Rome Fell: Death of a Superpower,' Adrian Goldsworthy compared the fate of imperial Rome with that of the contemporary United States.

The dominance of a civilization, he noted, depends not only on resources and military prowess, but also on 'culture,' that hard-to-define yet palpable mixture of confidence, savoir-faire, and commitment to foundational principles beyond the calculus of individual profit or aggrandizement.

Beginning in the 3rd century, Rome began to turn away from that cultural compact and decline wove itself into the sinews of Roman society, according to Goldsworthy.

'The rot began at the top, and in time a similar attitude pervaded the entire government and army high command,' he wrote.

I predict that future historians, seeking to understand the decline of the United States, will settle on the annus horribilis of 2021 as the terminus a quo.

Immersed in the moment, it’s often hard to disentangle the main story from the cacophony and chatter of mere events.

But can anyone who isn’t Jen Psaki contemplate U.S. leadership and not discern the rot at the top?" - READ MORE / RogerKimball, EpochTimes



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