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Diversity Officers In K-12?!

Does the Supreme Court still sit?

November 14, 2021



Obama / Alinsky Rules For Radicals Headed For A School Near You?

"The Rise Of ‘Chief Diversity Officers’ At K-12 Schools." - DailySignal

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"Diversity officers slowly are corrupting K-12 education by bringing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives into schools and teaching children divisive topics such as critical race theory, a Heritage Foundation scholar says.

A new report from Jay Greene, a senior research fellow in education at Heritage, highlights how harmful these diversity officers and their initiatives can be. Worse than simply indoctrinating children, the report says, proposals to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion contribute to a widening achievement gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students.

In some cases, the gaps between advantaged and disadvantaged students can be utterly crippling, he explains.

'So it’s easy to understand, this is how many grade levels apart the average white student is from the average black student in that [school] district. That average, by the way, is almost two grade levels,' Greene says at one point." - DailySignal


Video Source: DailysSignal


Something To Think About . . . While We Can.

We need to consider that these so-called diversity officers, hired by one public school after another and in major universities, are usually run by politically correct leaders installed by the left. Their assignment is to slowly overtake local control. Consider Cuba after Castro.

To control people to follow the communist message, Castro's communists assigned "trusted comrades" to head an assigned area or to run a neighborhood drive. Then anyone living in the area would be expected to attend.

The cooperation of locals would be noted with local names reported when not cooperating or attending. When this plan would later run Cuba like a fine-tuned engine, it would be easy to understand how corrupt leaders could keep a boot heel on the population . . . and for decades.

Therefore today's so-called innocent "diversity officers" could become involved in a similar concept, reporting who is or who is not cooperating in the teaching of, for instance, CRT in the schools.

CRT was started by the BLM movement a decade ago, the same ones who blocked expressways and cried out, fry police like bacon. Democrats identified them to the public as peaceful protestors protected by the U.S. Constitution. In an earlier generation this would have been called sedition.

Obama, when president of the United States, invited the BLM leaders into the White House. Americans at the time had no idea Obama knew these leaders were being trained by Marxists to bring chaos to America, using race as the foundation.

The agenda was not to solve any racism but to use it as a cover to promote Communism into classrooms across America. Their job would be to indoctrinate one classroom at a time, one school at a time and finally one city at a time.

These "diversity" officers in the local schools could also help identify any parents who complained about their children's education. They would then isolate them as potential "domestic terrorists." This would allow the feds to be brought in to support local law enforcement and harass parents to shut up. The technique was promoted by Saul Alinsky. Alinsky in the early years was followed by Hillary Clinton and then later by Barack Obama, Obama teaching Alinsky's Rules for Radicals as a college professor.

Biden, who worked side-by-side with Obama for eight years with Obama's Czars to take over the country, started in 2009 as Obama was rewriting the training guides of the institutions designed to protected our Constitution. Retired General "Ace" Lyons at the time warned what Obama was doing. However Lyons was ignored by the media and purposely identified as a conspiracy theorist. This was when around 50 generals in the military were being fired by Obama while new fed leaders brought under his rule understood exactly what was happening.

By indoctrinating children and young adults in schools and colleges for the last few decades, Obama knew he could "fundamentally transform" the nation. And again, who was by his side to accomplish these goals to overrun the Constitution? Our current president of the United States, Joe Biden. It is no accident that it is Obama and his 2009 supporters who are sadly again running Washington D.C. - Webmaster


"They laughed and cheered when plumber Scott Smith was crash-tackled by police and humiliated at a school board meeting on June 22 as he tried to raise the plight of his 15-year-old daughter, who he says was raped and sodomized in the school bathroom by a boy in a skirt. No one expressed any concern for his daughter." - New York Post

Virginia Dad Vilified For Defending Daughter Shows Rot At Heart Of System. - NewYorkPost






Oh look, that's where they've been hiding!

As we lose our freedom of speech, did the supreme court move down to Cuba? - Webmaster







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