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Chinese Parents With Others Around The World . . .

April 5, 2022

. . . are starting to see a serious need to protect children from the political correctness of the West's male feminine movement. They are watching traditional family values continue to be attacked, including women's / girl's sports as feminine males compete against their smaller female competitors.

In America the left uses code words such as Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity to mock or shut down parents at local school board meetings across the country. They have even contacted Washington D.C. Democrats to get the FBI involved so those parents might be treated like domestic terrorists and tossed into jail.

"But for many men in China and in other parts of Asia, using cosmetics is part of their routine too. 'I basically wear makeup every time I go out, and buying clothes also makes me happy,' Zhang Yangzi, a 22-year-old teacher from Shanghai, told the ABC. He said he spends about a third of his monthly income on his appearance, mainly on clothing and cosmetics." - ABC Streaming News

"Dr Yu added that the marketing push from Western Brands like L'Oreal and Nivea and Asian-based products like South Korea's Laneige has been key to the wider adoption of male beauty in China." - Lawrence Wong, ABC Streaming News

Photo Source: ABC Streaming News, September 2018

These active "progressives" have been quietly infiltrating online streaming media services once considered to be the backbone of traditional family values such as Disney and Nickelodeon.

But it is reported Disney's corporate executives have gone so far to the left they now feel comfortable openly attacking the Governor of Florida because he supported the passage of a law to stop sexualizing children from K - 3rd grade.

By attacking the governor's protection of young children, Disney seems to have aligned itself with the agenda of the North American Man / Love Boy Association (NAMBLA) from two decades ago.

One Florida teacher received attention from the left's media, reporting he was upset because he could no longer discuss his sexual partner to K - 3rd graders.

We should never forget it was China's president who fired a warning shot across America's bow about how the West's feminine movement was changing young boys in China's culture. He reports to have watched young Chinese and Japanese boys appear on television for children's entertainment and didn't like what he saw.

In response he ordered Chinese media outlets to stop providing destructive content for consumption by China's male youth.

NC Lt. Governor Mark Robinson: There Are Only Two Genders

Click On Photo to watch part of Robinson's speech, April 2, 2022


"'You can't transcend God's creation': NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson's rousing speech about transgender movement resurfaces to much fanfare." - The Blaze

"You can go to the doctor and get cut up, you can go down to the dress shop and get made up, you can go down there and get drugged up, but at the end of the day, you are just a drugged-up, dressed-up, made-up, cut-up man or woman," Robinson exclaimed. - TheBlaze

Photo / Video Source: TheBlaze

We need to remember it was the fascists who ran Germany's Third Reich 80 years ago and also went after the country's children to turn them against their parents. However those adults wore uniforms so everyone knew their agenda . . . they couldn't hide it.

But today the ones attacking parental rights look the same as the parents. You can't tell the difference until they open their mouths.

Then there is the self-proclaimed Marxist leaders of the BLM, who were welcomed into the Obama / Biden White House in 2015. They also push for disruption of the education of public school children with what they referred to as Critical Race Theory (CRT.) CRT was started decades ago at Columbia University and then later at its Teachers' College.

This is the same BLM that blocked interstates, shouting "fry cops like bacon," while ignoring the actual very low police shooting via reliable federal statistics. They then lied about the number of deaths, as if it had been in the hundreds or thousands, when it had not. The purpose was to cause riots across the country, which we saw in the summer of 2020.

During these times people of faith continue to be under direct attack because they support law & order and traditional family values, be they Christian, Catholic or Muslims.

"UK's Clown World." - GatewayPundit

"UK hospitals are now being encouraged to ask ALL men under 60 if they are pregnant before getting medical procedures." - GatewayPundit

"New guidance from several National Health Service trusts, which are similar to U.S. State Hospital Associations, is telling UK hospitals to ask the pregnancy question to 'all patients under the age of 60, regardless of how [they] may identify [their] gender,' before treatment for certain conditions, according to the UK Telegraph." - Gateway Pundit

"It’s 2022 – up is down, right is wrong, the sky is green, and, yet, men still cannot become pregnant – but don’t tell that to the so-called ‘medical professionals in the UK.

Hospitals across England are embracing the woke new age and are now being encouraged to ask everyone – man or woman – if they are pregnant or not before they can get certain medical procedures." - GatewayPundit

Trans Study Cited By Biden Funded . . . Wait For It . . . By Trans Drug Makers! - WND

When the Supreme Court ruled to change marriage in June of 2015, after 2,000 years of tradition between a man and a woman, justices were told that it could be just the beginning of more attacks on the family unit, which protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The left's intention, the justices were warned, was to move onto other areas of the society until ALL demands were met. We see this today, only seven years later, with attacks on the basic male and female role models since the dawn of time.

One marriage partner in another state tried to deal with the situation in a peaceful manner, not pushing his lifestyle into the face of students or saying parents had no business in classroom content. However that attitude seemed so rare it's almost just a sub note to the movement.

In circa 1998, the PR director of a large national organization released a memo proclaiming any discussion of the sexual ideology of the organization's membership was off the table. At the time she reported members already had jobs in over 1,500 newspapers across the country and now held the high ground for content.

It was strange she released her memo soon after a 13-year old Arkansas boy was found tortured and murdered. The boy's death was so horrific the local police were needed to verify the details were correct. The police also volunteered that the only national news outlet that cared to cover the trial of the boy's murderers was FOX News. Again that was over 20 years ago.

And to no surprise it was a FOX News cable news host at the time, Shepard Smith, who noted that the story was unusual not because of the boy's murderers but because the entire national TV news networks and newspapers had walked away from it.

And they did it in rank step, proving that the PR manager was correct, her membership did own the high ground in the media that could now protect its own. In other words, conservatives need not apply. That was also going on at our major universities, hiring committees evolving to only giving tenure to their own.

It's what professor Mike Adams saw, the handwriting on the wall and why he may have committed suicide, even after winning a court case where the University of North Carolina Wilmington had tried to deny him tenure because he had become a Christian. In other words, what was the point if the battle was won but the war lost?

That was the objective of the former American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE), which had also changed its rules to managing editors of newspapers on the hiring of journalists.

In 1998 the ASNE moved people of faith to the back of the bus under Other and replaced them at the front of the bus with those who believed in sexual orientation.

The ASNE's end goal, since it founding in the late 1970's, was to ensure newspaper editors across the country would use the same words when reporting on the same social issues to their readers.

Conservatives saw through the ASNE's mission and called it coloring the news, which is exactly what it was. But it was already too late to stop the corruption.

In 2020 it all came together for the left and why our media has become an "echo chamber," burying the news that doesn't support its agenda. They have renamed this agenda a "narrative," so confident in their control they no longer even try to hide it.

Why are they able to get away with it?

From 2009 the Obama / Biden administration was reported to have compromised our security agencies. Additional reports came out that in eight years Obama / Biden had also weaponized the CIA and FBI.

Admiral "Ace" Lyons tried to warn Americans, (turn your volume up), about the attack on America's security documents. But after Obama and Biden fired 50 top patriotic generals and officers in the military, the fix was sealed.

That put conservative American hopes in 2022 on the Supreme Court, which seems about to topple, too, not forgetting the outright personal attack by Senator Schumer on members of the court. This is as his Democrats make ready this week to put a new justice on the bench reported to be more radical than Ginsburg.

It was Ginsburg who promised to move to New Zealand if Trump was elected, the court supposed to stay out of politics. It was also Ginsburg who referred to our Constitution, our way of life, as if a Lone Ranger while defending globalism.

Ginsburg also admitted she ruled on decisions looking a European court cases. So much for an oath of office to protect our founding document. It seems useless today with progressives that see oaths like choosing what candy to eat on Halloween. Our early founders warned only a Christian population would protect and keep the Constitution. They were right.

And then there is this very disturbing report hitting the headlines about security officers who worked for our government:

A CIA former officer wrote on Twitter he was proud to have helped steal the election from Trump by signing a letter that Hunter's laptop was Russian disinformation. That put Biden and Kamala into office, bringing all the misery to our country from trying to destroy women / girl sports, to sex changes for children to shutting down America's independence on energy with Biden buying oil from Russia as it was getting ready to attack Ukraine.

"The letter was signed by 51 former intelligence officials, including Sipher, and released after the New York Post revealed the existence of the laptop, which Biden left at a Delaware computer repair shop, in October 2020." - New York Post

Photo Source: NYPost

The Epoch Times reported, "One of the former CIA officers who signed a letter claiming stories about a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden were disinformation says he helped swing the 2020 election away from President Donald Trump."

The Epoch Times went on, "John Sipher, who served for decades as a senior operations officer at the CIA, wrote in a recent post on Twitter."

The former head of U.S. intelligence. Grenell, blasted Sipher, who signed the [Hunter Laptop] letter casting doubt on Hunter Biden’s laptop — calling him a lying 'phony' and igniting a Twitter war over the weekend.

"The spat erupted Saturday when Richard Grenell, the former Trump-appointed acting director of national intelligence, reacted to a post from John Sipher, who retired from the CIA in 2014, about ethical behavior among public servants," reported Newsbreak

So to Xi Jinping, the leader of the Communist Chinese Party, when looking at the top photo of one of his young male citizens in pink surroundings, it is not America he should fear.

It is the executives of Disney and others like them he should fear, knocking on his back door to get to his young boys and change his culture. He needs to understand Disney and Hollywood are very good at what they do to deceive children.

For instance what looks like one thing could very well be something else. Just check out a children's cartoon movie from 2007 produced by the popular production company, Dreamworks, run by several directors at the time including Steven Spielberg.

They called it A Shark's Tale. - Webmaster


White House Celebrates ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ by Endorsing Sex-Change Procedures for Children. - DailyCitizen

Disney Exec With ‘Pansexual’ Child Says Not Enough Lead Characters Are LGBTQIA. - Breitbart

Educating Ourselves To Death. - NewsWithViews





"Wisconsin School District Says Parents 'Not Entitled' to Know Child's Sexuality, Pushes 'Heterosexual Privilege' List."

"District's push for 'gender-nonconforming' accommodations has irked parents and educators." - FOXNews

Article written by Timothy H.J. Nerozzi, March 28, 2022, FOXNews.


Above article written by Timothy H.J. Nerozzi, March 28, 2022, FOXNews.





Stunning DNC Propaganda: White Privilege Test Enlarged



Mom And Pop Bakery Slandered As Racist Is Vindicated By Unanimous Panel Of Judges, College That Sought To Ruin Them Faces Monumental Punishment. [Bakery Owners David Gibson And Allyn Gibson Have Since Died.] - WesternJournal




DeSantis Signs Into Law Controversial Gender Ideology Education Bill. - WashingtonExaminer

Article by Jeremiah Poff, March 28, 2022, WashingtonExaminer


Above article by Jeremiah Poff, March 28, 2022, WashingtonExaminer


[Disney Now Sides With The North American Man / Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)?] "Disney Slams ‘Don’t Say Gay’ As Florida Governor DeSantis Signs Bill Into Law." - Yahoo

Past Comment About NAMBLA.




- 30 -





"If we want freedom of religion, then We the People must defend it. Otherwise, we resign ourselves to be subjects of those we hired to protect our rights." - Paul Engel




All Americans Whose Relatives Fought In WWII Need To Ask, . . .

. . . why do the CEO's, who run the globalist corporations seen below, want to destroy the values fought for by the greatest generation winning WWII? These post-American CEOs can't deny it, as we watch the hosts of their hateful media holdings try to indoctrinate American citizens to view that generation of 1945, not as heroes, but as racists and white supremacists. - Webmaster

"Do not eat the bread of a selfish man, or desire his delicacies; for as he thinks within himself, so he is. He says to you, 'Eat and drink!' but his heart is not with you. You will vomit up the morsel you have eaten and waste your compliments." - Proverbs 23


Has been with CNN for well over a decade.

AT&T owns CNN. In 2006 CNN was referred to as the "snuff" network when its host, Anderson Cooper, ran a terrorist video around the world of the shooting of a GI in Iraq. Among other things, CNN went after a teenager for standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial wearing a MAGA hat. While the PTC is accusing AT&T of promoting porn to kids, AT&T's Warner Media blacklists J.K. Rowling from Harry Potter 20th Anniversary on HBO. The approving AT&T CEO is John Stankey.

No one can say CEO Stankey has no idea of the sedition that MSNBC is causing against the United States. - Webmaster

Source: TheInformation


Has been with MSNBC for over a decade.

Comcast owns MSNBC, a network originally tied to Microsoft. MSNBC reporting stands firm with the agendas of the Democrat Party. One of its hosts even attacked a conservative black woman, (a former Marine who won the Lt. Governor office in Virginia), as a white supremacist. Reid (photo on left) graduated from Harvard. The approving Comcast CEO is Brian L. Roberts.

No one can say CEO Roberts has no idea of the sedition that MSNBC is causing against the United States. - Webmaster

Source: BizJournal

Disney / ABC

The view was on ABC in 2009.

Disney had been Walt's dream for family programming. To that end Disney has purchased an amazing list of properties, which include Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, 20th Century, Search light Pictures, FX Network, A&E Networks and ESPN. Another Disney property includes ABC and its weekly program, The View, hosted by Joy Behar, who attacks conservatives 24/7. Disney has allowed the hateful weekly program to continue for over a decade. Disney's Chairman is Robert A. Iger.

No one can say CEO Igar has no idea of the hatred spewed by the video everyday against Conservative Americans. - Webmaster

Source: Variety


Netflix continues its Big Mouth show aimed at kids.

Netflix is now referred to by some as the Obama Network. It also has been attacked for running an animated program called, "Big Mouth," which provides sexual programming and porn images aimed at teens. It displays images similar to those Planned Parenthood showed in public school classrooms over a decade that promoted sex toys and fisting kits. Netflix CEO is Wilmot Reed Hastings Jr.

No one can say CEO Hasting didn't know the filth Netflix has posted purely for kids to view, mocking the values of local parents across the country. - Webmaster

Source: CNBC


"A Black Lives Matter leader vowed there’ll be 'riots,' 'fire' and 'bloodshed' if Mayor-elect Eric Adams follows through with his promise to bring back plainclothes anti-crime cops to battle New York’s surge in violent crimes." - New York Post

Walmart openly donated 100 million dollars to the concept of "equity" started by the BLM-instigated riots of 2020, calling for the defunding of police. BLM attacked only in Democrat run cities, burning and looting allowed while police were told to stand down. Democrat leaders and media outlets such as MSNBC and CNN identified the carnage and murder of 30 people as "peaceful protests." And Nancy Pelosi? She said, People will do what they do. Walmart CEO is Doug McMillon.

CEO McMillon had to know donating 100 million dollars of his customer's profits was not going to help charities, but instead finance more violance on the streets or Marxism into America's classrooms. - Webmaster

Source: TIME

It's shocking that the five white male CEOs seen above, millionaires filled to the brim with wealth and stunning white privilege, are financially hosting media outlets that wage daily attacks on kitchen-table white American citizens as racists and white supremacists. The outlets are also allowed to attack conservative blacks as white supremacists. Many of those citizens under daily attack follow the same values fought for by relatives who gave their lives and sacrificed limbs to win WWII.

However these five are only the tip of the iceberg of other CEOs who are at the helm of many of today's corporations, which have bowed down to the political correctness of Democrat leadership for over a decade. In fact several years ago many attacked Indiana's legislature as homophobic. So this corporate movement away from American values is not new and in fact has grown more anti-American as it adopts the views of the late Karl Marx and followers such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and attacks white employees in the workplace as privileged.

These CEOs also support CRT taught in classrooms by far-left union teachers supported by corrupted school board members and the National School Board Association. The goal is to divide public school students to see each other not by human character but by skin color. These so-called educators dotted across the country have also adjusted reading, writing and arithmetic to display racial components, allowing the attack to continue throughout the school day.

A sage once commented about leaders like these post-American CEOs. Their observation was simple; The fish always stinks from the head. - Webmaster



Oh look, that's where they've been hiding!

As we lose our freedom of speech, did the supreme court move down to Cuba? - Webmaster Supreme Court would not look at Federal election law being broken, afraid? - Webmaster


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