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NewsBusted's Miller on First Hundred Days.  What a hoot!

Politicians that catch Jody Miller's eye get busted!



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Huffington Post and AOL declares war on the conservative wing of the Democrat party, protecting progressives while trashing conservatives in office.  The Huffington Post writes, "Fake Democratic Candidates Go Down In Recall Races."

HuffingtonPost and AOL openly aid war by unions against taxpayers in Wisconsin

Across America union dues are feeding democrats for the war of 2012. While Republicans rely on one-on-one donations, unions take forced membership dues and shovel it over to the progressive/Marxist side of the democrat party while trashing conservative democrats.. While Obama's 800-million stimulus was not shovel ready, the unions for Obama are.


We Are Heroes, Who Need to Create a Crisis: SEIU’s Stephen Lerner at Progressive Summit Tells Unions, Community Organizers and Students They Need to Escalate Protests, Break Laws, Occupy Abandoned Houses and Spread the Crisis All Over U.S.
Steven Lerner of SEIU recommends violence only four days after 9/11
Were Obama's unions out fighting for American jobs in 2011? Well not exactly.
But what did they do for Obama when it came to the Tea Party?

"We got to keep an eye on the battle that we face: The war on workers. And you see it everywhere, it is the Tea Party. And you know, there is only one way to beat and win that war.

Hoffa Threatens Tea Party at Obama Event: "Take These Son Of Bitches Out"

Biden Fires Up AFL-CIO: ‘You Are Only Folks Keeping Barbarians From Gates.’

Sieg Heil Biden! - Hitler moved to blame the Jews for Germany's troubles. Now Vice President Biden moves to blame conservatives for America's troubles, calling them "barbarians at the gate" and that the union thugs are the only ones "that can stop this onslaught" of the (cough) Tea Party.

Tea Party members, not made up hate mongers and union leaders that carry and show Marxist fist symbols, are accused by Obama's union friend, Trumka, on MSNBC (BSNBC?) in trying to destroy the American government.

Obama‘s Union Buddy Trumka Says Tea Party Is Actually Trying to Destroy America’s Government and That Is Super Hard for the President to Deal With.

In June 2011 Obama tells union group in Toledo that the U.S. economy took a hit that even a Jeep Wrangler couldn’t rebound from quickly. The response was less than happy to the leader who promised a fix and now just makes excuses, as if he never really had a clue in the first place.

SEIU Drops Mask - Welcomes in Communists

Not about justice.  Not about freedom.  Not about America.  Marxist Obama reminds SEIU members, "It's about the POWER!"

Obama at 2008 SEUI Meeting, talking like a Marxist.

Not about freedom! Not about justice! Not about America. It's all about the POWER!
Marxists take over SEUI as Communists invited to march in parade.
Note the Marxist fist symbol!  It's the same one that popped up in the Wisconsin teacher and firefighters' unions, their fighting for power over the taxpayer.  How's that hope and change working out for you, America?
Note the Marxist Fist in the above Communist sign. Think you've seen it before?

Liar Liar, Pants on Fire! Wisconsin Teachers say (cough) it's all about the kids as their average salaries reach $100,000

STUNNING! Teacher Union admits in July 2009 its Real Mission is no longer about America's children. It's about Pure Power for the Union and its members.

As the NEA General Counsel admits as he leaves office.  NEA is about Power, the Union, and its employees!
NEA General Counsel Bob Chanin tells it like it is, July 6, 2009
Listen! The NEA's Real Mission: Power!
NEA's July 2009 Convention
The formerly proud name for teaching children, the National Education Association (NEA) has become an oxymoron as warned 30 years ago, its 3.2 million teacher membership has finally 100% openly morphed into a socialist labor union for workers
NEA General Counsel says Right-Wing Complainers are Bastards
- Watch the entire speech to 8,000 applauding NEA delegates -

Teachers Unions Gone Wild - Volume I

NEA New Jersey Union Teachers call black students n*****, talk about slandering Christie, say they want to "f*** with kids," and brag about rigged elections and voter fraud. And these Obama-supported bastards teach your kids?

Worker fired for shirt dedicated to his son serving in the Navy.  Now Democrats are offended by an aircraft carrier serving to protect the country.

Stage hand, working at a coming Obama Rally, is fired for wearing a jacket dedicated to his son serving in the Navy. If these Democrats are offended by an aircraft carrier, then the Democrat Party is filled with Marxists promoted by their radical mentor, Obama.

Christie explained that his fight is not against teachers. It is against the NJEA. Christie cited this stat: a teacher who is in the union, pays $730 a year to join. If a teacher doesn’t want to join the union, they pay 85% of the $730 per year, to not join.

Hey Marxist Teachers' Union! You punch me, I'll punch you.

But when hundreds of loud and angry strangers are descending on your family, your children, and your home, a more apt description of this assemblage would be "mob." Intimidation was the whole point of this exercise, and it worked-even on the police. A trio of officers who belatedly answered our calls confessed a fear that arrests might "incite" these trespassers.

Every journalist loves a peaceful protest-whether it makes news, shakes up a political season, or holds out the possibility of altering history. Then there are the ones that show up on your curb--literally.

Watch SEIU thugs proudly violate private property

Barack Obama’s anti-capitalist Marxist pals and in the SEIU are now stalking banking lobbyists at their homes and are even climbing up on their porches.

Huge Marxist SEIU angry mobs converged outside bank employees’ houses on Sunday afternoon to demand banks stop lobbying against Wall Street reform.




"Freedom is Knowledge"