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NewsBusted's Miller on First Hundred Days.  What a hoot!

Politicians that catch Jody Miller's eye get busted!


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The Runaway Slave Movie


O'Reilly Factor - Media comparison shows media fairness has left the building.
Media Research Center analyzes coverage of Occupy Wall Street vs. Tea Party


MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts: GOP Has ‘Sour Grapes’ Over Fast and Furious
MSNBC Black Host: "9-11 Gave America PTSD . . . ‘Muslim Terrorists’ Were An ‘Imagined Racial Enemy’ for 'White' America."
MSNBC Chris Hayes: I'm 'Uncomfortable' Calling Fallen Military 'Heroes'
Michelle Malkin ABSOLUTELY Destroys Juan Williams After He Calls Her “Just a Blogger”
Slut? That was kind compared to the insults of . . .
S.E. Cupp Has a Very ‘Special Comment’ for Keith Olbermann
Here they go again! ABC Reporters Warns Against Terrorists - from Anti-Abortion protestors
Newsweek/Daily Beast: Cheney is 'One of the Most Evil People in the World!'
After watching this interview of September 2010 of an WNC Republican, running for the U.S. House of Representatives, with Anderson Cooper, we no longer have to ask why CNN didn't vet Obama. The answer now is easy. Their heart wasn't in it nor was their mission!
Another one out the anus of HBO
The head of Media Matters for America -- now out coordinating a new super PAC to help President Obama get reelected -- is operating his nonprofit organization in close coordination with the Obama White House.
Media Matters head coordinates with White House, builds super PAC
Rev. Franklin Graham Refuses to Say Obama & Romney Are Christians During Contentious MSNBC Interview
CNN Hypes First Openly-Lesbian Beauty Contestant
One Hundred Years in Ten Minutes
First Things reports article was pulled after this complaint

Police arrested a young man and his teenaged buddy for allegedly attacking a homeless man and then sharing videos of the staged beating on the internet.

Evil is growing in America

Pat (hold no punches) Condell on the U.S. capture of bin laden, Obama needing it with any hope of re-election.

"Was it legal?" Amazing how the world has changed.

It's about time someone on the Democrat side realized something was very wrong.

St. Louis Iraqi Attacked By Muslims Carved Star Of David On His Back.

Theologian Paul Begley of Indiana questions why has the mass media ignored the attack of a former Muslim Iraqi Man who became a Christian and supports Jews.

VW uses today's politics to make a statement about Western society and its attitude toward Muslim terrorists.

As the progressive government and Marxist media in Germany try to shut up the German people who are tired of Muslims not integrading into the society, VW seems to understand where the culture is headed.

Both the letter and the video compare the city of Fullerton to the Biblical cities Sodom and Gomorrah because of its "broken moral compass." "Anonymous" also calls the $900,000 offered to Ron Thomas (Kelly's father) "hush" and "blood money."

"V" is back - but this time for real!

Self-proclaimed "Anonymous" hackers have just released a video threatening the Fullerton Police department with a site-wide shutdown if certain demands aren't met. Called "Operation Fullerton," (#OpFullerton), the hackers are demanding that the officers involved in the beating of homeless man Kelly Thomas be prosecuted, that the Fullerton Police Chief resign, and that $5 million be awarded to Thomas' family.

If these demands aren't met, the hackers threaten to bring down the Fullerton Police Department's website and destroy all of its communication channels.

On the real villain for the (cough) radicalization of Sweden's Anders Behring Breivik.  (Psst! Don't tell anyone.  The progressive media did it!)

The progressive, liberal, media is blaming critics of Islam (such as Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller) for the radicalization of Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik. However, Breivik said that he turned to terrorism in response to the media's own choice of censorship.

(Did you forget it was your right to know that Marxist journalists tried to take away from you starting in the 90's, calling you vile names if you resisted? And did you forget they tried to take it away in the name of (cough) their failed university-indoctrinated education on promoting socialism and diversity for the control of a free society, people in that society rather living off of individualism then the views of a bunch of dumb*** journalists? Need a smile in all this slimy political correctness that invades your radio and television news every day? Just remember that people like you have rated journalists as having morals not much better than those of a crooked used-car salesman. - Webmaster)

So we could use the ideas of social media that were actually invented in this country to suggest a set of amendments to modernize the Constitution for the 21st Century.

Another Harvard Ph.D., Fareed Zakaria, India born, host of CNN Zakaria GPS, editor at large of TIME, and Washington Post Columnist wants America to rewrite its Constitution using today's social networks, you know like the one that lead Egypt over to the Muslim Brotherhood. See any hint Zakaria hangs around the radical far left just as Obama, another graduate from America's elite Marxist University?

We told you so about FOX, as foxy hosts continue to head left while they try to fool conservative viewers that FOX is (cough) conservative.

FOX News Chris Wallace calls some of Michelle Bachmann's comments Flaky while FOX News embraces Jehmu Greeneas a consultant, a far-left radical who wanted to take Focus on the Family's freedom of speech away.

Wacky MSNBC Segment: Lawrence O’Donnell Begs for Viewers While Blasting Beck & Bible

"The book of Revelation is a work of fiction describing how a truly vicious God would bring about the end of the world. No half-smart religious person actually believes the book of Revelation. They are certain that their God would never turn into a malicious torturer and mass murderer beyond Hitler’s wildest dreams. Glenn Beck, of course, does believe the book of Revelation." - Lawrence O'Donnell, MSNBC

What if the Normandy invasion had occurred on June 6th, 2007?

What if today's media was reporting on D-Day?

All four gals on The View say Obama is not a Muslim, while refusing to equate the Black Liberation Theology of Obama's former church to Obama's being there for 20 years, a belief a black Christ is coming back to destroy whites. Instead (cough) the ladies assume Obama's faith is of a Biblical foundation and not one taught to him and his family by Rev. Wright. (Remember candidate Obama calling the grandmother that raised him, "a typical white person?" Where do you think that came from, First John?

But how did these liberal, progressive spin doctors of The View miss Obama's video where he openly says, Western civilization must accept the Muslim religion in their society "as Muslims see fit," Muslim religion a code word for Sharia. (Watch full video.)

WAKE UP! If Sharia is allowed in America as Obama wants, one man beating his wife on Main Street USA would go to jail for abuse while another, a Muslim, living next door also beating his wife, would be considered giving an honor beating and left alone. It's why national network shows such as The View, where four egotists become judge and jury, are so damn dangerous to our freedoms and right to know all the facts before shutting down free speech through intimidation, as the Third Reich had effective done to those who tried to protect the lives of Jews. Already a New Jersey, Obama supporting life-time judge tired to rule a Muslim man raping his wife was only a religious matter, and threw the case out. A higher court overruled him.

This is why so many Americans are lead to believe Obama's Christian statements are only following the directive of the Koran, in that you may lie to your enemy if the end result is to honor Allah . . . and to fundamental change America?

Rhetoric vs. Reality: Liberal Protest of Gov. Walker's Budget Repair Plan.

Now the New York MSM on Wisconsin. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Jon Stewart Cleverly Dismantles Keith Olbermann, MSNBC, and Ed Schultz.

"There are times when Jon Stewart can be very funny. Last night, that was the case, when he finally weighed in on the firing of deposed MSNBC host Keith Olbermann, and dismantled the rest of the network’s hosts, including special attention paid to Ed Schultz, in the process. And it was all couched in a sort of backhanded compliment." - The Blaze

Welcome to the world of Planned Parent - When Disney is done their social engineering takes over.

Obama's Planned Parethood - Never about families. Always about change

MTV Skins - Glorification of Kiddie Porn for the Great Satan.

MTV morphs to kiddie porn, assuring America the position of the Great Satan to the eyes of the world

Hey Tom, wasn't Juan Williams fired for saying something like this? Listen to Tom Brokaw say, “I Would Be Nervous Going Into a Bar in Arizona,” as his elitist associates all give politically-correct progressive chuckles in the background, permission for good-old boy Tom to profile. (Have vomit bag nearby when watching.)

CNN worries about the word crosshairs will make some Americans and go out and shoot some Americans.  You can't make this up!

CNN host wets his panties, restricting the free speech our founders gave the meida, worried the word "crosshair" might cause idiot Americans to run out and shoot people. It explains clearly what happened to the media in the Third Reich, hosts then protecting their paychecks and egos doing what they were told to do, no matter what the cost to freedom.

NewsBusters reported on NPR's president's odd remark this weekend, the same one that supported firing Juan Williams for being uncomfortable with full dressed Muslims on a commercial flight.  Totenberg felt it necessary to apologize for using the word “Christmas” in a sentence.

Far Left NPR analyst Nina Totenberg believes you can’t say the word “Christmas” anymore. And, if you do need to say “Christmas” you should immediately apologize for using the word on the air.

Progressive Twitter members follow New York Time's lead and wish Sarah Palin harm.

Progressives on Twitter wish Death on Sarah Palin. This is just one of many shown on this video.

As part of an interview airing tomorrow on "Larry King Live," former First Lady Barbara Bush said of Sarah Palin, "I sat next to her once, thought she was beautiful. And I think she's very happy in Alaska -- and I hope she'll stay there."

RINOs just don't get it and never will! The heads of the pachyderms prove again they've earned the title of dinosaur of the Republican Party. The former President George Herbert Bush, who didn't know what a scanner was at a supermarket, now says he doesn't understand The Tea Party. This is as the former first lady says with a smile that the governor who put corrupt Republicans in jail and gave Alaskans checks for their oil should stay in Alaska. What an embarrassment. Hey Mr. President, you wouldn't of liked George Washington, either, if living in those times. Go back to the herd. Obama and his far-left Democrats are eager to grind out more piano keys.

Joy Behar didn’t find the need to flee the set after this awful attack on Sarah Palin’s daughter.  Liberals just can't help themselves feeding at the pig's trough.

Trash talk from trash! Sandra Bernhard Calls Bristol Palin a Hooker on ‘The Joy Behar Show.’ But where else would you say something like this?

FOX's so-called fair and balanced guests attack Palin during off-air commercial break as host looks on, smiling.

FOX fair and balanced? Like so much in the world today, there are slogans and then there are realities.

Atlanta Pride Commitment Ceremony.

The Home Depot open media commitment to fight DOMA causes concern among traditional family advocates

Sen. Rockefeller: FCC Should Take FOX News, MSNBC Off Airwaves.

Mr. silk pants from West Virginia wants FCC to control the news you are allowed to see.

"There's a little bug inside of me which wants to get the FCC to say to FOX and to MSNBC: "Out. Off. End. Goodbye." It would be a big favor to political discourse; our ability to do our work here in Congress, and to the American people, to be able to talk with each other and have some faith in their government and more importantly, in their future." - Jay Rockefeller

During a discussion with his network colleague Andrea Mitchell last night, Matthews analyzed the mistakes Obama has made during his time in office.

As Americans cast their ballots in the 2010 midterm elections, MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews, who famously said in 2008 he got a thrill up his leg when listening to President Obama speak, is now blasting the commander in chief as a teleprompter-dependent “elitist” who doesn’t listen to American citizens.

Far Left Progressives demand their hate machine returned to the air.

Hate machine is invited back - NBC News bows down to its Marxist audience - Olbermann's mocking of conservative women on election night coverage will stand at NBC News!

Call Me Senator - From David Zucker.

Director David Zucker writes and produces the hilarious but sad tale of Barbara Boxer's disrespect of our Military.

"Just when you thought Bill Maher‘s pretentious ego couldn’t inflate any more."

"If Bill Maher hates America so much, why is he still here?"

Did American voters listen? Not enough.

Amazing comments by Dennis Prager at the University of Denver on May 24, 2010, on the greatest generation in America not teaching the next generation what is so important about being an America, while European youth only worry about how long their guaranteed vacations will be.

According to Dana Loesch, neither the reporter who threatened Kelly nor his station have responded to requests for comment.

William J. Kelly hosts the “Kelly Truth Squad” on WIND radio in Chicago. While scrounging for some material, he tried to interview Chicago mayoral candidate, Rahm Emanuel, but ran into some of Obama's Gangster Chicago media.

NBC uses West's firing a pistol next to a captured terrorist in Iraq as irresponsible, an act that was reported to have saved American lives from a coming ambush.

NBC News Trashes Lt. Col. West two weeks before the election, trying to portray him as a hot head against the Obama Democrat running to keep his U.S. House Office in southeast Florida.

Schultz has built something of a brand on not being able to keep his mouth shut, but it’s a brand whose audience is ever shrinking.

MSNBC's tubby Ed Schultz calls New Jersey governor a fat slob for protecting taxpayer spending. (Remember it's the Democrats who love spending other people's money, not to help the disadvantaged but to create voting blocks for future elections so they can spend more.)

Progressive far-left entertainer Lady Gag wants any troop serving overseas to go home if they disagree with her ideology. .

Rick Sanchez on CNN uses the phrase cotton-picking when referencing President Obama.

CNN discouraged with their "cotton-picking" president.

Can you believe the writer of this song was fired from his job because of this song?

Holding the Hammer!

Can you believe the writer of this song was fired from his job because of this song?

If you wish to contact the lyricist, try this link.

Beck delivers as media whines at his success in reaching out to the people.

Beck fills up Washington D.C. as media elitists at CNN whine and whine and whine.

"Mr. Toobin's statement is patently false," Jensen's letter said. "LTC Lakin is neither irrational, a racist, a bigot, a freak, or a lunatic. Nor is there any rational basis to conclude he is any of these things, which of course was Mr. Cooper's point. Mr. Toobin, unlike Mr. Cooper, made this statement without ever speaking with LTC Lakin (or likely anyone that knows him.)

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin retracts calling Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin a racist, being forced out of the military. But CNN allows him to still vomits on all the others who don't share his opinion about Obama's birthplace

Kyl said he asked Obama to secure the border, but the president refused because it would reduce Republicans' incentive to compromise on immigration reform. The White House denied Kyl's account, but former Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo wrote in op-ed column that Obama's stance "constitutes an impeachable offense."

Beck's no-holds-barred assessment of the Obama administration's ethics comes as he is promoting an Aug. 28 celebration at the Lincoln Memorial titled "Restoring Honor."

Glenn Beck reviews FDR's agencies created under the New Deal and then lists the agencies created under Obama. He preludes this by referring to how FDR and Obama both talked about how they were for the small business owner, when in fact, they actually only cared/care about big business and big government.

Stunning! - Obama Healthcare Regulations

And calling us all racists is just getting boring.

Chris Matthews of MCNBC says anyone with an opinion that Obama was not born in the U.S. is a racists, totally ignoring all the documents Obama has had sealed from public view.

Just a reminder, Deepak also claimed that his meditation caused the Baja earthquake.

Another reminder freedom doesn't come from man. Deepak Chopra: “All Belief Is A Cover Up For Insecurity”

Tucker Carlson: Journolist Members Targeted FOX News .

Tucker Carlson broke the news tonight that Journolist members targeted FOX News and wanted it shut down by the government.

Lady GaGa on SB1070 | The Monster Ball Tour in Phoenix .

LADY GAGA: "I want you to let go of all of your insecurities. I want you to reject any person, or any thing, or any law that has ever made you feel like you don’t belong. I got a phone call from a couple of really big rock and rollers, big pop stars, big rappers, and they said, 'we’d like you to boycott Arizona…because of SB-1070.' And I said, 'you really think that us dumb f*cking pop stars are going to collapse the economy of Arizona?'"

Victoria Jackson (Saturday Night Live) laments the current wealth-redistributor-in-chief.

Victoria Jackson: "There's A Communist Living in the White House!!"

\From what I’m hearing this was a catfight for the ages.

Kelly’s closing line: “It would be more helpful for you if the next you come on, you have your facts.”

Obama at the Bat or will it be just another Casey story in Mudville?

Finally, the mighty Obama comes to bat!


MSNBC’s Schultz Calls for Obama to Act ‘Like a Dictator’ -- Twice!  MSNBC's Mitchell Cheers for Cap and Trade; America 'Way Behind' China.
Handling the Spin for Rep. Etheridge and Un-named 'Democrats.'  MSNBC's Scarborough Insults Republicans as 'Genuinely Stupid' for Criticizing Obama on Oil Spill.

Think MSNBC's critizing of Obama's oval office speech means it is suddenly protecting America and not the progressives? Click on each graphic to watch their newscasts and then think again!

The 17-year-old singer got tabloids in a tizzy Thursday when she appeared to kiss one of her female back-up dancers during a performance on the U.K. show "Britain's Got Talent."

Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed? Didn't know she was! Another Disney role model for young girls bites the dust and heads for Hollywood's bordello, one Muslims mark as the Great Satin. Click on graphic to watch segment

Rabbi David F. Nesenoff interviewed Helen Thomas on the White House Lawn on American Jewish Heritage Celebration Day at the White House.

Beauty and the Beast - "At at recent press conference Helen Thomas, the White House correspondent, chimed in with calling the recent flotilla event a “massacre”, the same words used by the President of Turkey. In a recent interview I had with Thomas on the White House lawn, she aped the mantra of the Iranian terrorist Ahmedinajad as she pleaded for the Jews to leave Israel and go back to Germany and Poland." . . . Rabbi David Nesenoff - (Photo source of beauty and the beast: Drudge 06/05/2010)

The beast suddenly retires!

Just in time for Memorial Day… The Family Guy mocks dead US soldiers from Vietnam War.

Is this why Americans fought? FOX Channel joyfully mocks Vietnam Vets while FNC adds to profits of the parent company, FOX show refers to Washington Vietnam Memorial as a "Score Board!"

Tavis Smiley: More Christians Than Muslims Blow Up People Every Single Day.

For liberal "Christians" like Smiley, the old America was a concentration camp where blacks, Indians, women, and homosexuals were persecuted, while the America-to-come--always just a little beyond the horizon--is a Marxist paradise or multicultural university campus in which any human being's desires are satisfied regardless of the quality of those desires or his willingness to work for them.

Tavis Smiley Show - if you dare, on PBS of course!

The left is notorious for screaming about free speech, the Constitution, privacy law, etc. But, when it comes down to it, it's a farce. Here's the latest example ... Juan Williams defends Big Government leaking your private emails to the state-run media outlets. Bill Kristol clobbered him.

FOX continues it move to the left under the cloak of fair and balanced reporting

“Cash for Stash” Sign is carried across Set as Kimberly Guilfoyle laughs and laughs.

FOX continues its march to the left as Geraldo Mocks Tea Party Patriots: Marches With “Cash for Stash” Sign Across Set as Kimberly Guilfoyle laughs and laughs.

Ultra-liberal Klein also accused Senator Coburn of committing sedition in December. He accused FOX News of committing sedition in October.

TIME’s propagandist-in chief Joe Klein told a panel today on MSNBC that Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck were “potentially committing sedition” for speaking out against Barack Obama’s disastrous policies that have ruined the American economy

“I love my country. I don’t even understand how speaking out can be sedition but that’s what Klein said about me and Sarah Palin and then Rush over the weekend… The only piece of evidence he sited was that Rush used the word “regime.” Well maybe John (Heilemann) should have done a little napkin journalism and googling before he went on the air as well.

Priceless… Glenn Beck Answers Joe Klein: You Lefties Used the Regime Word 6,500 Times

"I don't think we should be supporting the tea party, or any other party," Murdoch said during an interview Tuesday for The Kalb Report at the National Press Club. Murdoch's statement was in response to a question from the audience asking about promotions for the tea party movement that ran on Fox Business Network.

British liberal Murdoch says no more support by FOX of Tea Party. Now all networks can avoid reporting on these rallies in America, as if they never happened?

“There aren't a lot of African-American men at these events,” NBC News reporter Kelly O'Donnell, a white woman, told Darryl Postell, a black man at a Tea Party rally held Thursday in Washington, DC, pressing him, in an exchange she chose to include in her NBC Nightly News story, to address her prejudiced assumptions: “Have you ever felt uncomfortable?” Postell rejected her loaded premise that race must divide Americans: “No, no, these are my people, Americans.”

Unbelievable - NBC becomes television's first Nanny channel, asks black man, "Have you ever been uncomfortable [around Tea Party members?]"

Liberal media trolling Tea Parties for violence

By spreadin' round your wealth, Givin' kickbacks to Acorn and GLAAD. Well all that he's doing, Makes the Soviet Union, And Cuba not sound all that bad. He fears revolution, Cause that flawed Constitution, Might throw him flat on his back. While he's out smoking menthol's, he's cussin Rush Limbaugh. Cause Limbaugh won't cut him no slack. You picked a fine time to lead us, Barack.

Direct from the grass roots, no Astroturf here! "You picked a fine time to lead us, Barack."

Burdened under a mountain of student debt? CNN has the answer - dedicate ten or so of your prime years to social work. Better yet, join the AmeriCorps.

CNN (just like the media did in Germany) goes all out to help enlist students for Obama's Civilian Work Force to get rid of loans. But who will be the trained leaders, what will be their agenda for doing Obama's progressive work, and what if a student finds his assignment political to benefit in the end the DNC . . . eh CNN? - Source

Well, here’s a new low from the godless left… “Family Guy” marked the 5 year anniversary of Terri Shiavo’s court-ordered death by staging a children’s musical comedy about pulling the plug.

FOX goes vile again against conservatives using a Family musical about Terri Schiavo, saying, "We got to pull the plug." One kid asks while standing in a made-up hospital room, what does that do and a child doctor says, "It checks her pee," another checks her "mashed potato brains." Then they sing Terri Schiavo is kind of alive-oh, the most expensive plant you’ll ever see. Click on the graphic to listen to segment. Don't count on O'Reilly to say a word, all hosts at FOX News keep blinders on to protect the corporate office.

CNN calls this an alternative (progressive) to the Tea Party movement.

Here is the liberal's answer to America's Tea Party movement, a CNN reporter harassing attendees in 2009 while at this HUGE Coffee Party event in 2010 CNN glows at all the ideas. But somehow CNN missed that this event was sparked by (surprise, surprise) an Obama campaign operative, Annabel Park, while the Republican Party couldn't start a Tea Party if they had the rule book.

Far left progressives say conservatives could be violent, but look who really is violent and dangerous.

Hate from the left, an angry Code Pink / supporter bit finger off of a man in September 2009 who just stopped to see the rally, yet the mainstream media says conservatives are violent.

Mattera's Obama's spoonfed baby zombies looks at how the fierce viral marketing of Obama during his campaign has brainwashed a generation of young voters.

Mattera's OBAMA [spoonfed baby] ZOMBIES looks at how the fierce viral marketing of Obama during his campaign has brainwashed a generation of young voters. Click here to see other vidoes from Jason Mattera.

Bill O'Reilly and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell debate Louis Farrakhan's "White Right" speech. During his speech, Farrakhan said, "The white right is trying to set Barack up to be assassinated." He also said, "There are Christians praying for God to kill Barack Obama."

On 3/2/10 Bill O'Reilly and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell debate Louis Farrakhan's "White Right" speech

My Letter to Leo Terrell

Imagine a Republican saying this in front of black-race-protector Chris Matthews which is why fellow black guardian David Schuster wont say a damn thing about this either.

Dan Rather says Obama couldn't sell watermelons. We had only asked why was he elected president when he hadn't even run a Good Humor truck

During a Tea Party in Chicago, a CNN reporter harassed the participants instead of reporting objectively like any good reporter should. She definitely deserves to be fired after this atrocious display of partisanship during her coverage of the event.

During a large Tea Party in Chicago, a CNN reporter, Susan Roesgen, harassed participants, which is all too common in the CNN world of reproting (See the white shirt and rifle videos below for more progressive media lies.) It was reported she was fired after this display of partisanship, but we figure CNN had set up the atmosphere for her.

At about 9:40pm EDT Monday night, MRC President Brent Bozell, publisher of NewsBusters, appeared on Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes to discuss CNN's decision to air video, provided by terrorist insurgents in Iraq, which showed the perspective of snipers as they targeted U.S. troops.

Never forget the undercurrent agenda at CNN, and their running a terrorist snuff video on October 24, 2006. Now let's finally get this network out of our airports!

Here's CNN's lame excuse for running the snuff video

Canadian comedian Greg Morton weighs in on the current financial crisis and how President Obama plans to get us out of it.

BOB&TOM TV: "Obama Man" by Greg Morton

Apparently, just the title of former George W. Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen's new book "Courting Disaster: How the CIA kept America safe and how Barack Obama is inviting the next attack" is infuriating to cable news talk hosts.

Progressive Meltdown at MSNBC !

"No Guns for Negroes " exposes the racist history of American gun control laws. Every person who supports gun control laws must be shown this film or gun ownership will cease to exist in America.

Disarm the Negroes?

Cafferty on Pelos's outrageous spending in Copenhagen as Americans are out of work, Congresspeople and their families staying in five star hotels.

CNN Jack Cafferty attacks Pelosi for living it up

Jack Cafferty Rips Obama on Failed Openness Pledge: 'Just Another Lie Told for Political Expediency'.

CNN Jack Cafferty attacks Obama for his lies

Listen as Obama talks about the "rule of law" while at the same time rapes what's left of the constitution. Truly amazing is the sheep like attitude of the audience. Instead of stoning him, they applaud??. Delivered in June '09 Obama joins the Bush-Stalin-Hitler-Pol Pot-Genghis Kahn-Charles Manson-Osama liars club.

MSNBC Rachel Maddow on Obama's Jive Talk

Matthews without blinking an eye refers to Saul Alinsky as an American 60s hero!  No wonder he loves Obama and Clinton.  The media is in the tank with the liberal progressives again and again and again.  The hell with the people, eh?  Journalists need to go back to their blue collars when they had served their nation rather than feeding off it.

Matthews: Alinky an American hero from the 60s

Amazing!  Knowing MSNBC, probably not!  Chris Matthews admits he analyzes politics from a Marxist perspective.

MSNBC Chris Matthews admits he analyzes politics from a Marxist perspective

"Agents Provocateurs" Video Exposes Radio Personality Alex Jones in his own words while captured on video attacking Tea Parties.

We have removed PrisonPlanet as a conservative news sources, discovering Jones' attacking Tea Party members in the above video, also accused of infiltrating their groups. And in his own words he calls conservatives Neo-Cons. Enough is enough, also attacking Bush for taking down the towers.

Video Source: Jimmy Z Show

Google HR 1388- "Mandatory Volunteerism" act $75 Million Budget for Obama Brownshirts

So how radical is this video now ten months later in September of 2009, now that you finally know who Obama is?

MSNBC edits video to try prove that the person shown is white and wants to shoot the first black president.  But then watch the next video below for the truth.

MSNBC edits tape so they can talk about Whites trying to shoot the first black president - (see below.)

MSNBC edited the above video to try to prove that the person shown is white and wants to shoot the first black president.  But now watch the truth and what MSNBC DIDN'T want you to see.  You get the media you deserve!

Now see the truth of what MSNBC was trying to hide for their vile agenda in the video above this one, the camera now pulled back!

Encore of Dennis Miller Rips Harry Reid a new one in June of 2007.

June 2007 Encore of Miller's Rant on Harry Reed. But voters in Las Vegas must love the pain of unemployment and the most houses underwater in the U.S., putting Reed back in office in 2008 and then again in 2010, the man who complained that tourists in his Capital building stunk. Sometimes voters get the government they richly deserve!

CNN reporter Lisa Desjardins does a live report from Capitol Hill on the day of a huge Taxpayer March or "tea party protest" against the government, taking instead about Joe Wilson.

As CNN wants to talk about Joe Wilson in front of Protest Crown, Crowd tells CNN to leave. Person who posted this says CNN reporters were "brave!"


Activist Shepard Fairey, of Obama’s ‘HOPE’ poster fame, designed the cover image for Time’s “Person Of The Year.”

TIME Magazine continues to be the "waterboy" for the Obama administration, promoting the protestors Obama just loves as an Alinky follower.

TIME Magazine had also commissioned Mr. Fairey to create the cover portrait of Barack Obama for its Person of the Year issue in 2008.

It was Mr. Fairey in 2008 who stylized the "Hope" iconic poster of Barack Obama, which became one of the most highly visible images of Obama's 2008 presidential campaign.

- Content from New York Times


This is the Official Online (Youtube) Release of "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" by Peter Joseph. [30 subtitles ADDED!]  On Jan. 15th, 2011, "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" was released theatrically to sold out crowds in 60 countries; 31 languages; 295 cities and 341 Venues. It has been noted as the largest non-profit independent film release in history.
Jan. 2011 - Zeitgeist: Moving Forward by Peter Joseph (2 hr 41 min, movie on YouTube)
Billionaire-run Youtube breaks its 10-minute upload rule to promote a 2 hr. 41 min. single-upload movie that pushes Social Justice, or in what is called a Resource-Based Society, the author somehow believing 1.5 billion Muslims are going to buy in his idea. And of course no thought is given on how to compensate for those forced to create the food and stand by the hot furnaces that build the industrial products AND the machines that run them, or those that mine the materials that make it all possible in the first place. This is more from elitist eggheads who sit in classrooms and laboratories instead of out tilling the fields and having to sweat picking the food they so easily grab off the shelves of local, yuppie grocery stores.





"Freedom is Knowledge"