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NewsBusted's Miller on First Hundred Days.  What a hoot!

Politicians that catch Jody Miller's eye get busted!


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Best 2012 Debates






2010 Election


The first-ever film to tell the entire story of the conservative woman in her own words, "Fire from the Heartland" is a powerful statement about America at a crossroads and the women who have awakened to the crisis. With role models such as Clare Boothe Luce, Margaret Thatcher, and Phyllis Schlafly as inspiration, these women are the unintended consequence of the liberal feminist movement.


"Battle for America" is a no-holds-barred examination of an Administration and Congress that set out to "transform" America but ended up reenergizing grassroots Conservatives and lighting the fuse for a populist rebellion called "The Tea Party" movement. More than an indictment against the elitist governing class, this film's inspiring message is also a call-to-action for every citizen to take back our country and return it to its core principles based upon a limited federal government.


No description needed!
Power ad run in Nevada! Listen to all of Obama's Marxist screaming in the background!
Citizens Against Government Waste - New Ad warning where America is heading!

Breaking Point exposes the Socialist agenda pursued by Democrats

Part 1 explores the motivation behind the Tea Party and reveals the true cause of the housing crisis that propelled Obama into office. Part II explores the many radical ties and beliefs of the Obama Administration. It examines many of his radical Czars and the cozy relationship with billionaire George Soros.


Ray Stevens tells it like it is on Obama care, "We're going to kick you out of there!"




"Freedom is Knowledge"