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NewsBusted's Miller on First Hundred Days.  What a hoot!

Politicians that catch Jody Miller's eye get busted!


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Following in Rome's footsteps - The Fall in the American Empire


Award-Winning Documentary - "Shocking!"


The loser whining RINO RNC chairman from 2008 is baaaaak to screw it up again!
Remembering the 2010 Original Country Music Song that got the singer fired from his high school coaching job because he mentioned . . . wait for it . . . number 44!
In our Sodom and Gomorrah country, 29-year-old U.S. Olympian is gaining national attention . . . because she’s Committed to Virginity.
Spetrino’s Interview with Deneen Borelli on “Blacklash”
Dear President Obama: We the People . . .
Following in Rome's footsteps - The Fall in the American Empire
Gingrich: Defeating Obama 'Most Dangerous President in U.S. History' a 'Duty Of National Security'
Canadian Freespeech Activist, Ezra Levant, nails the lies of progressives and their use of political correctness to take away free speech from conservatives. FOX News, where is your Ezra Levant?! Oops, you fired him, Glenn Beck.
Chris Christie Owns Hecklers in New Hampshire
OMG, they're all going nuts!

Newt stands up to the Democrat's Wicked Witch of the West
Muslims join OWS to complain about the police watching some Mosques to protect Americans from further terrorism by more Islamists. They are not protesting the murders of Christians and the burning down of their churches overseas by fundamental Muslims hijacking their religion. When this is brought up, they would surely reach for the word "Islamophobia," a similar word used when people complained about sodomy spreading AIDS. Just another chunk hammered out of the foundation of America's Republic

Demand an Apology from Senators Schumer and Alexander - FreedomWorks


Rick Perry has no doubt Obama embraces Socialism

Derrick Tabacco, left, a small business owner, joins a small group counter-demonstrating against the Occupy Wall Street march near the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday.

Wall Street gets tired of the Fascist, tells them to go "Occupy a Desk."

Gingrich - Impeach Judges who abuse their authority

Perry sends message to Obama - You're the one who puts this country down!

The Olive Garden, working with Michelle Obama to tell parents what side items their kids would be allowed to eat, is not surprising the restaurant would be suspect of the American flag as offensive to customers.

Woman told she could not bring in the America flag into an Olive Garden restaurant in Alabama for a Kawanis event and sat back by the kitchen says almost in tears, "This is not my America."

Obama's Party of Hate strikes again, this time against a black. Isn't that racism?


Herman Cain, Republican Presidential candidate, gives an inspirational speech at the Values Voter Summit.

Part 1: In his opening he uses the following quote. "Let it be borne in mind, the tragedy of life does not lie in 'not' reaching your goals, The tragedy lies in not having any goals to reach for. It is not a tragedy to die with dreams unfulfilled, but It is a calamity to have no dreams!" - Benjamin Mayes. Then watch Part II

MSNBC: Is Herman Cain for real?!

Part I: MSNBC O'Donnell's Interview with Herman Cain, seeming to imply Cain is not really a black man, just a black color. Then watch Part II

Singer/actor Pat Boone doubts Obama constitutionally eligible for the presidency. Boone says, “I was in Kenya about a year and a half ago, and everyone there says, you know, your president was born here,” in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle.

Boone says, “I was in Kenya about a year and a half ago, and everyone there says, you know, your president was born here,” in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle.

Rush brings up fact that Obama is using the Governor of North Carolina to carry some water for him in the 2012 election - Don't have one!

Rush: 'Barry Soetoro' elected with 'no identity documents' - Warns of president's strategy to avoid defeat at polls by suspending election

On Senate Floor, Rubio Challenges President & Senate Democrats On "Cut, Cap & Balance"

Comment on the above video from a viewer: "Without doubt, the finest statesman in D.C. today. Proud and thankful to have him as my Senator. If only we had a Speaker of the House in his league."

Sura 9:5 says, "Slay the idolaters wherever you find them.

Col. Allen West answers a question on Muslim terror. Sura 9:5 says, "Slay the idolaters wherever you find them."

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter takes to Church podium to lash out at black teens using flash mobs to attack neighborhoods.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter took the podium at his church in West Philly on Sunday, August 7, 2011 to admonish teens for making the city look bad with the recent mob [flash] attacks while diminishing their race. Teens are reacting to Obama's socialist messages pushed by Marxists such as Van Jones that indoctrinate the young in inner-city neighborhoods to believe they are entitled to continued free monthly checks and free food stamps funded by taxing the rich even more to be sure the money keeps flowing into their hands.

Judge Judy - Here's Who You Support With Taxes.

Judge Judy, probably without know it, exposed how Obama got elected in 2008. Candidate Obama had promised Social Justice, passing out taxpayer money to voters who expect the free taxpayer handouts to go on as if forever instead of their looking at the funds as basic help to get them on their feet. This will be the America we will all go down in the sea with if Barack Obama and his Marxist ideology with his Vegas give-away program goes into 2012. Democrat buy their votes not unlike those candidates who give away blenders in India. At least the India politicians admit they're working in a corrupt system instead of lying, hiding behind (cough) progressive talking points on Sunday cable news shows.

To order a DVD of David Barton's 2 hour Capitol Tour, visit

To order a DVD copy of David Barton's two-hour Capitol Tour visit

Rebels of all stripes who come to this film with open eyes will be inspired by a daughter, a wife, a mother, and a warrior who took on the system and won.

Palin's New Documentary, The Undefeated

What we want first and foremost in our GOP standard-bearer is someone unafraid of the MSM, and who takes the fight directly to Obama. We also want them calling out our friends in DC when they — to paraphrase the Governor — rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic after they’ve promised to stop Obama from hitting icebergs.

Surrounded by an obnoxiously hostile, astro-turfed, pro-union crowd that tried and failed to drown out her message with obnoxiously hostile astro-turfed noise, the former Alaskan Governor took the fight directly to the growing pile of Obama’s failures in the most effective way we’ve heard yet from a potential GOP challenger.

"Trump 2012! Don't be a little bitch and keep negative comments about Trump to yourself." - provider of video.

Trump if president of the United States to the Cartel - "You're not going to raise that $#&^* price." And boy did that cheer at the new leadership that could be coming to Washington of - Say what you mean and mean what you say!

'Major Chance This Guy Has Violated The Constitution' Donald Trump's Emotional Birther Defense to Giggles & Smirks of The Morning Joe Panel.

Watch these interviews with Trump, his not backing down to the progressive giggles of the mainstream media hosts . . . not even losing a step as he walks all over them. First his interview with MSNBC and then his interview with the TODAY program on NBC. This is what a majority of the country wants, a well-established American-born citizen who loves his country and will protect it without apology.

Frank Poe reports that there are 192 countries in the world with America giving Foreign Aid to over 150 of them, which is 78% of countries around the globe.

In March of 2011, U.S. Representative Ted Poe from Texas complained about the spending of the Obama administration on U.S. assistance around the world when the country was flat broke, the U.S. taxpayer giving aid to 78% of them!

VERY interesting interview presented by Human Events with Stanley Kurtz and his book providing research that light on Barack Obama as a Socialist and Marxist, or in other words the take over of the United States by government control from the bottom up through community organizing. (Kurtz book, Radical in Chief)

Allen West goes after Harry Reid.

Congressman and retired Lt. Col. West with an on target speech that the fight for America begins in the House of Representatives, his saying he has been in enough real battles to know how to handle this one, directly attacking Harry Reed for mocking the Tea Party.

Easy To Shoot From Peanut Gallery: Chris Christie Answers Giuliani Snowstorm Criticism.

Chris Christie means what he says and says what he means - we need an Honest Ab who loves the American spirit sitting in the oval office in 2012

Sarah Palin Responds to Tucson Shooting.

Sarah Palin Responds to Tucson shooting and her being a target by the left - again!

"At Exactly 10:00 am immediately following the Intro Music at Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally a Flock of Geese did a Fly-Over in perfect formation over the Reflection Pool starting from the Washington Monument almost to the Lincoln Memorial."
Beck reports he couldn't get any military service to loan him a flag honor group, even though Beck was honoring servicemen at the event. So it looks like someone was looking down on Beck and instead sent geese in traditional formation the minute his rally began. Think Hillary Clinton's MediaMatters wished they had released the vultures that roost in their attic?

Part I - John Whitehead goes head-to-head with public policy wonk Michael Ostrolenk about the urgent need to bring liberals, libertarians, conservatives and progressives together to save the republic. (Part II)

Conservative author Thomas Sowell believes America is collapsiing on itself, sadly predicted by Plato over 2,800 years ago saying no successful democray can ever survive, strange ideas always entering into the society and in the end destroying it.  Seen any really old ones around?

Hoover Institute and its Uncommon Knowledge interviews Thomas Sowell, author of Dismantling America (Basic Books, 2010), in a five- part series that outlines why Sowell believes America is collapsing. Click on this link and select the five parts from this August 2010 Archive Web page.

You can go to for bio.

Go to to download this song and to read the full story behind "The Great Deceiver."

Obama message booed at the boy scout national jamboree 2010.  Read full story below.

Boy Scouts at 100th Anniversary Boo Obama Message

"Many of us were eagerly awaiting the President's address at the first arena show.  Then we 'got real' and realized that the President was never coming, instead we would get the Secretary of Defense. I really had nothing against the secretary, an Eagle Scout himself. His speech was very sincere, second only to Mike Rowe's speech. We heard nothing from the President in those first few days. By that time, thanks to the leader's smart phones, we got the news that the President would be fundraising and taping The View instead of coming to our 100th anniversary." . . . read more

Progressive attitude overtakes California transportation authority, which arrogantly says, "We don't allow graffiti on state property," Amsk said Wednesday. "No matter what kind of graffiti it is, we don't show favoritism."

Schwarzenegger: Caltrans decision to paint over 9/11 American flag mural on I-680 'unconscionable'

This real product is available at Order the Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit to send anonymously to friends and family.

Buy the all new Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit

Order your kit today!

Congressman Forbes asks the questions "Did America ever consider itself a Judeo-Christian nation?" and "If America was once a Judeo-Christian nation, when did it cease to be?" on the floor of the US House.

Our Judeo-Christian Nation!

Other religions are taught in this California school, but what is in our history is deemed offensive!  Like living in Germany, isn't it!

You won't believe what California school officials found on a classroom wall. In his Stoplight® commentary, Stuart Shepard shows you what they ordered a teacher to take down.

Alice Cooper- Salvation song from his new album Along Came A Spider

Alice Cooper - Salvation song from his new album Along Came A Spider

Alice Cooper on being a Christian / Alice Cooper Speak about His Christian Faith / The Rock Web Site

Music video for the acoustic version of the song "Liberty" by Jordan Page. Ukulele cameo by Michael Maresco. Song is yet unreleased.

Jordon Page and his song, Liberty. Great lyrics!

A Democrat GA State Representative shamelessly called on the crowd (by definition filled with illegal immigrants), to register and vote! He did not qualify this statement to only include citizens, but clearly was calling for voter fraud.

Illegal Protests filled with Communist literature with signs of proclaiming USA imperialism, while local NBC host in Quincy, Illinois, had called Tea Party protestors standing on sidewalk rowdy!


"Thank goodness the riot police showed up quickly before something serious happened," Doug Powers wrote. "Look at these extremist maniacs!"

NBC affiliate in Quincy, Ill, calls Tea Party standing on sidewalk twice as Rowdy crowd, while sharpshooters are assigned to the roof of a building

10 year-old Amy and her mother spoke with me yesterday after the tea party rally in Quincy, Illinois. The poor child was saddened and confused after the Obama SWAT Team came marching into the rally. Her mother is near tears as she recalls the event.

10-year old asks, "Obama, why are you taking away my freedom of speech?"

Obama sends in riot police to shut up Tea Party in Quincy , Ill.

Obama sends in riot police to shut up Tea Party in Quincy , Ill.

- See more pictures of dangerous attendees to the Tea Party, Obama sending SS Troops against them -

CNN's Randi Kaye profiles a builder from Arkansas who is now the face of the state's Tea Party.

Washington and its network of choice, MSNBC, say TeaParty people are unamerica. You mean like this couple?

After watching video embedded in above photo, remember when CNN and MSNBC had called these Americans teabaggers, saying they can't talk when they're teabagging? Click here to take a stroll down memory lane!

Marco Rubio, candidate for the U.S. Senate for the state of Florida, addresses Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Marc Rubio's Keynote Speech CPAC February 19, 2010

Glenn Beck's FULL speech at the closing of CPAC 2/20/2010.

Glenn Beck's closing remarks at CPAC February 20, 2010

"The two enemies of the people are criminals and government. So let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so that the second will not become the legal version of the first." -  Thomas Jefferson

Mr. President, you're no Lincoln, just another progressive Harvard law professor living off the fat of the land!

A picture is worth a thousand words!  This photo was not actually aT the White House, but, regardless of WHERE it was taken, the fact is that he cancelled the National Day of Prayer, said that we are no longer a Christian nation, and has no problem taking part in Muslim prayer.

This young lady asks why while the New York
is rampant with political correctness!

"Obama, this girl is questioning why you dissed the National Day of Prayer in May yet honored Muslim tradition in Turkey. America's young are asking why?"

The Big Tom Movie.

And by his stripes are you saved

You can visit 99.5, KKLA, to hear Sunday sermons from this church and others at <>

Dudley Rutherford, senior pastor of Shepherd of the Hills Church in Porter Ranch, California, explains the story behind the "Star Spangled Banner" delivered on the Fourth of July. Click above graphic to watch amazing story!

Planned Parenthood caught up with their panties down in their own hate machine

Download the video from Focus on the Family on their Superbowl ad.

CBS must have known the Tebow Ad celebrated a mother's life with her child, but had agreeed not to show it until it ran in the Superbowl. It caught Planned Parenthood in showing its true hate machine and support of abortion on demand for profit. A black representative of a woman's group going on O'Reilly, (see Impact Segment Graphic below to watch), saying Focus on the Family's ad was about hate. Then to make matters worse for this vile organization that kills black babies because they might grow up to be failures and go to jail, they get two black athletes to support Planned Parenthood against the Tebow ad that had never been seen. These two black athletes for abortion wind up instead talking about celebrating the life of a child, which they had no intention of doing agreeing to do this ad with Planned Parenthood. Shame on them, buying into the lie! You can't make this stuff up!

See Webmaster comment


Download the video from Planned Parenthood on the Superbowl Tebpw ad.

And here is the ad Planned Parenthood made to counter the Superbowl Tebow ad that Planned Parenthood never saw, which in their lust to make money off abortions exposed their hate machine, a supporting black woman going on the O'Reilly Factor and other venues. Note the actors in the above ad are both black, while Tebow is white. These actors, by their use, are supporting the genocide of black babies and buying into the Planned Parenthood mission statement that blacks will probably wind up in jail, getting rid of these potential useless human beings following their founders mission, Margaret Sanger. Sanger was praised by candidate Barack Obama at a Planned Parenthood meeting. The link to his talk and support of Sanger's mission is below.

(Candidate Obama speaking at Planned Parenthood.)

President of Women's Media Center is unhappy CBS is telling story of how Mrs. Tebow kept her child, becoming the best quarterback in college history.   Her approval of the Black holocaust in abortions is shocking!


Shocking interview!

President of Women's Media Center acts as if the fascists we fought in WWII, saying without blinking an eye Focus on the Family was filled with hate, this reprentative admitting she never even saw the Tebow ad. The brainwashing by Planned Parenthood is just amazing, and must be what also drove the Nazi propaganda machine in the early 1930s, Hitler using the gassing of humans idea from early progressive Bernard Shaw.

Green Police: Audi Super Bowl Ad, or a real look of what progressives want for America to control everyday life in detail of its citizens.

Green Police: Audi Super Bowl Ad, or a real look of what progressives want for America to control everyday life in detail of its citizens.

Want to send a message? Don't buy an Audi!

NRA News: UN Doomsday Treaty With Ginny Simone

NRA News' investigative reporter Ginny Simone takes a look at the global gun control goals of the United Nations. By pushing for a binding international treaty aimed at superseding the U.S. Constitution, the United Nations is committed to rendering Americans' Second Amendment rights to own a firearm meaningless

Couple is put on sex offender list and wife loses job, as liberal progressive system trashes American family causing them $75,000 in legal bills. Notice ACLU MIA!

Former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson and why she resigned - Part I / Part II

A look at how media coverage of the 2008 election impacted what Obama voters knew (or thought they knew) about the campaign.   They knew nothing about Obama, thanks to the so-called free press.  But they sure knew alot about Sara Palin's wardrobe.  The people therefore didn't elect Obama.  NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN pulled the levers in the voting booths though their intention of misinformation.

How did Obama got elected? It was simple. The mainstream media decided they wanted Obama to be president. So newspaper and television news journalists gave Obama's background a pass. Instead to get him elected the media focused on useless news stories such as the cost of Sarah Palin's wardrobe, the media knowing most Democrat voters wouldn't look any further. And of course, as proven in this video, they didn't. Freedom really is knowledge and bondage the lack of it.

Father Robert Barron is a sought-after speaker on the spiritual life-from prestigious universities to YouTube to national conferences and private retreats. The prominent theologian and podcasting priest is one of the world's great and most innovative teachers of Catholicism. His global media ministry called Word On Fire has a simple but revolutionary mission - to evangelize the culture.

The Catholicism Project

Source Fox News, compliments of Celestial Junk - (See their link under subhead Conservative Opinions on homepage.)

Charles Krauthammer for 2009 - Obama's Teachable Moment

Katrina Pierson - Dallas Tea Party - April 15, 2009

Katrina Pierson - Dallas Tea Party - April 15, 2009

The Great March was scheduled to commence at 11 AM from Freedom Plaza, where it would proceed down Pennsylvania Avenue toward the front steps of the Capitol.

Revolutionary Drums march on Washington D.C.

Great video on 09/12/09 DC March, showing the crowd with aerial shots.

September 12, 2009 DC March on Washington D.C.

Kyl said he asked Obama to secure the border, but the president refused because it would reduce Republicans' incentive to compromise on immigration reform. The White House denied Kyl's account, but former Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo wrote in op-ed column that Obama's stance "constitutes an impeachable offense."

Beck's no-holds-barred assessment of the Obama administration's ethics comes as he is promoting an Aug. 28 celebration at the Lincoln Memorial titled "Restoring Honor." . . . Click on photo to watch video.

Town Hall Meeting with U.S. Congressman Brian Baird.

A former U.S. Marine says, "Leave my children alone!"

A rebellion is brewing in home congressional districts of incumbent Democrats evidenced by the reaction at several town hall meetings.  Members are being forced to suspend meetings with their constituents, screaming protesters are being dragged out of events by police and officials are being greeted by protest signs and chants.

Senate Carl Levin, D-MI, cowardly walked away today

Scoop 44 journalist actual asks, "The question before us is whether town halls are legitimate tools of democracy, particularly in 2009."  What purpose have the health care town halls served? And whose interests do they amplify?

Scoop 44 young journalists don't like these protests

Tom Tancredo Event UNC Shut Down By Violence.

But we wonder if they would just love these!

At least from the league, we already have an answer: while Limbaugh is judged and potentially blocked based on fabricated, phantom "quotes" from his program, the outspoken left-wing Black Eyed Peas performer instantly passed with flying colors.

Does Roger Goodell do the hump with Fergie of Black Eyed Peas, and why the NFL free pass for her?

Susan from Glendale, California, set off a firestorm on Rush on September 30, 2009, to vile Washington Democrats, "We have had enough from these *****"

Susan from Gendale, Calf. on Rush, 9/30, Part I / Part II / Part III

"Obama doesn't represent black people" - July 09

From Pastor Broden's Notes: "These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”" (John 16:33, NASB)

America's Awakening - Pastor Stephen Broden - Part I / Part II



Look Around You For The Truth After Watching This Short Video

The Communist Agenda to defeat America has been won when looking at their list of objectives from 1958, now lead by our leaders that include Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, along with most of the Democrat Party which has accepted those objectives as the party's platform, daring anyone to challenge their patriotism.


Obama’s SOTU Was a Rehash of Tired Old Platitudes & Empty Promises


Gas Price Hypocrisy by . . . wait for it . . . Democrats!




Dear Mr. President . . . (Out of the mouths of children. Get out of my face!)


RINO Senator McCain Endangers Our Liberties
Rep. Justin Amash, (R-Mich.), explains why he voted against a defense bill that would allow American citizens to be detained by the U.S. Military.
Video interview by Judge Napolitano with Rep. Justin Amash, (R-Mich.), who explains why he voted against a defense bill that would allow American citizens to be detained by the U.S. Military. (Note: Main story is tied with other current issues.)



To order a DVD of David Barton's 2 hour Capitol Tour, visit Encourage your pastor to participate in the Capitol Tour @ Watchmen on the Wall, May 25-27, 2011 in DC. Again, visit and click on Briefings for details.

David Barton, from WallBuilders, tours Washington D.C.

David shows here the First Bible printed by OUR U.S. Congress in 1782 . . . and our founders weren't Christians? Don't believe the lies of progressive traitors, which includes Barack Obama who said our nation was not a Christian nation. What would a radical Muslim like Obama know about that anyway? Pastors can join David's tour in 2011.


John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute, in Friendly Fire.  Why is our Democracy failing?  It's the people!

Why is our Democracy failing? It's the people!

- The American Revolution II -

- Rebellion Continues at Grassroots -


We Now Have A Total Gangster Government.
Obama's Imperial Presidency of Gangster Czars
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"Freedom is Knowledge"