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NewsBusted's Miller on First Hundred Days.  What a hoot!

Politicians that catch Jody Miller's eye get busted!


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Mohamed Mamdouh, who teaches the pilot program, said, “Soon, Arabic will be a global language like French and Spanish. These kids are like sponges. It’s amazing to see their progress.’’
Muslim author Zuhdi Jasser discusses the Muslim Brotherhood, Caliphate on radio
Muslim Women Hide from 'Honor Killing' Relatives
Islamists make video demanding that all members of German PRO NRW party be murdered
Islamists Attack Police Over Muhammad Cartoons at Rally in Germany
Netherlands politician Geert Wilders 'Marked for Death' for speaking against Islam.
Geert Wilders' FITNA Movie.
Geert Wilders's full FITNA Movie - No Narration.
Angry Protestors at Mosque in Dearborn, Michigan

NOTE: Because of Wilders releasing the Fitna Movie, shown above, on the murders and torture by radical Islam on innocent humans, you should know because he exposed the truth to protect others . . . "he is constantly accompanied by a permanent security detail of about six plainclothes police officers, and does not receive visitors unless they are cleared in advance, thoroughly searched, and escorted at all times. He lives in a state-provided safe house which is outfitted to be bulletproof, is heavily guarded by police, and has a panic room. He is driven from his home to his offices in parliament in an armored police vehicle, and wears a bulletproof vest. His office is located in the most isolated corner of the Dutch Parliament building, and was chosen because potential terrorists can get to it through only one corridor, making it easier for his bodyguards to repel an attack. He is married to Krisztina Wilders (née Marfai), a former diplomat from Hungary of Jewish origin, with whom he can only meet about once every week due to security concerns. The restrictions on his life because of this, he said, are "a situation that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy" - Wikipedia


Impeach Barack Obama, who is using our Office of U.S. Presidency to defend Muslims in the world to practice their religion as they see fit!
Afghan Child Bride Horrifically Abused By Husband and Inlaws
During an interview that aired on Egyptian Dream2 TV January 10, Saudi journalist Nadin Al-Badir relayed horrific instances of abuse and murder — including forcing over a dozen school girls to perish in a fire because they were not wearing traditional Islamic head coverings — carried out by the country’s religious police or, the “Authority for the Promotion of Virtue.” The journalist also revealed that most of these police are “ex-cons who used to be drug users or drug dealers.”
Saudi Journalist: Religious Police Made 15 School Girls Burn to Death Because They Were Not Wearing Hijabs
Obama, how's that Arab Spring working out for you?!

Failed Suicide Bomber Hopes for Another Chance to Kill

Pat (hold no punches) Condell on the U.S. capture of bin laden, Obama needing it with any hope of re-election.

"Was it legal?" Amazing how the world has changed.

With a sea of yellow stretching into the distance, it looks like the taxi queue at a busy airport.  But this picture was actually taken outside a Mosque during a prayer service - with 200 Muslim cabbies illegally parked.

First Paris, France, now New York City, as Muslims block traffic to everyone else while they pray.

Tension Rises as Islamists Dominate Tahrir Square.

Beck was right while the American mainstream media was filled with its usual useless feces. Tens-of-thousands of Egyptians poured into Tahrir Square on Friday for a day that had been billed as one of unified protest against the interim military government. But the turnout was lopsided, dominated by members of religious movements, ranging from the most conservative, the Salafists, to the relatively moderate Muslim Brotherhood, shouting, “The people want to implement Sharia”

"About 100 Muslim demonstrators burned an American flag outside the U.S. embassy in London Sunday during a moment of silence to mark the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks." -  <>

UK Muslims protest 9/11 Ceremonies in America

Mobilized by calls on Facebook, thousands of Arab protesters marched on Israel's borders with Syria, Lebanon and Gaza on Sunday in an unprecedented wave of demonstrations, sparking clashes that left at least 15 people dead in an annual Palestinian mourning ritual marking the anniversary of Israel's birth.

Arabs attack Israel borders using "no-borders" Facebook. "A Palestinian protestor stands next to a burning barricade blocking the road during clashes with Israeli troops, not seen, following a demonstration to mark the 63rd anniversary of "Nakba", Arabic for "Catastrophe", the term used to mark the events." - ABC News

Beck was right to warn that international socialists are working with Muslims to take down Western World.

Socialists explains how they work with Muslim Brotherhood & Islamic Extremists in the Mid-East Revolutions to Unite Arab World against the United States, Britain, and Israel.

“New evidence has emerged that the Iranian government sees the current unrest in the Middle East as a signal that the Mahdi–or Islamic messiah–is about to appear.”

The Coming is Near: New propaganda trumpets imminent return of 12th Imam

“New evidence has emerged that the Iranian government sees the current unrest in the Middle East as a signal that the Mahdi–or Islamic messiah–is about to appear.”

Beck: Why did we give him a Dignified Burial at sea?

WND: Al-Qaida warns U.S. of 'big revenge' over Osama death. Jihadist leader says cells worldwide set to launch attacks on Americans

Shariah4America Demonstration Postponed.

Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad demands Shariah for America - Statue of Liberty offensive to Muslims - must be covered.

Why England, France, and Germany have declared multiculturalism dead along with the failed progressive ideology that promoted it.

Daughter of French soldier has had shop in northern Paris that s being overrun by everyday Muslims. She has been beat up, raped, and acid thrown in her face. Didn't hear about this from our Marxist New York Times or TV Networks? (Note: CBN URL used. YouTube stopped this video from playing, giving blank screen.)

Dawn breaks on millions of Muslims as the annual Hajj pilgrimage draws to a close... and Eid festival begins.

AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE: Millions gather for the Hajj pilgrimage today, retracing Mohammad's route to Mecca undertaken 14 centuries ago. 11/15/2010

Muslim woman tried to ruin police officer's career by calling him a racist!

Muslim woman driver calls officer a liar and racist, says he tried to rip off her vail . But it was all caught on tape . . . in Australia.

(Note, city in northeast Spain becomes country's first to ban burqa.)

Let me explain how it works” Kelly tells Hooper at one point during the heated exchange. “I’m the anchor, you’re the guest.”

During a contentious interview on Fox News’ America Live, anchor Megyn Kelly interviewed Ibrahim Hooper, the communications director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), about NPR’s recent firing of political analyst Juan Williams for comments he made regarding Muslims.

 Minnesota Under Attack From Sharia Law.

This is one the best, clearest-cut examples of how Islamists are attempting to convert America to Sharia law. It is a bold, overt, and aggressive campaign to change the fiber of American way of lfe. The sad part is that it appears to be working.

The al-Rahman mosque in Orlando, FL, a Muslim Brotherhood owned and operated property, is caught funding terrorism via George Galloway, self-admitted Hamas fundraiser, and Imam Mahdi Bray, public Hamas supporter.

The al-Rahman mosque in Orlando, FL, a Muslim Brotherhood owned and operated property, is caught funding terrorism via George Galloway, self-admitted Hamas fundraiser, and Imam Mahdi Bray, public Hamas supporter. Obama's bowing to the mayor of Tampa in 2009 goes even deeper.

Dr. Robert Jeffress responds from the pulpit of the First Baptist Church of Dallas to a column written by Steve Blow in the Dallas Morning News on September 5, 2010.

Dr. Robert Jeffress responds from the pulpit of the First Baptist Church of Dallas to a column written by Steve Blow in the Dallas Morning News on September 5, 2010.

See his Internview on Dallas FOX News

WARNING! We applaud CNN for carrying the truth about how outrageous Islamists can be. Click on the above graphic and turn up your speakers. Listen to a Muslim voice singing a song from the very bowels of hell , one of those at the murder scene creating a YouTube video from a cell phone image and adding a recorded song that sounds as if Allah is being praised. Even some in the liberal media think these deaths are okay, the New York Times admitting stoning is not good but tolerable because it doesn't happen that often. Only the most vile animals do this to their own kind, such as documented here in the wild.

Muslim justice taught since child birth, violence enjoyed by this religion unlike any other in the world.

Warning! Video of collected sequenced photos of reported eight-year old Muslim boy caught stealing, his arm purposely crushed while approval from a crowd of male adult Islamists, not unlike the everyday ones that stoned the couple in the news story above.

Of Mosques and Men: Reflections on the Ground Zero Mosque.

What everyday Muslims are reported to see as funny, a graphic of what New York City should look like in 2006, five years after 9/11.

Hey Barack, where is the Greek church destroyed by Ground Zero nine years ago?  Just thought I would ask since the irrelevant media doesn't give a damn.

Hey POTUS, if Mosque planned at Ground Zero is part of your core values, where is the Greek Church?

As the ad makes clear, Shariah's followers have long built mosques on the most sacred sites of those they have conquered -- for example, on Jerusalem's Temple Mount, at Constantinople/Istanbul's St. Sophia Basilica and in Cordoba, Spain, the capital of the occupying Moors' Muslim kingdom.
No Mosque at Ground Zero!

8/23/2010 - The Day Obama's Muslim Leadership Declared War to Fundamentally Change America

A leader of the planned Ground Zero Victory Mosque told told Christiane Amanpour this weekend that Americans are bigots.

Ground Zero Mosque Planner: Americans Are Bigots

No mention of the 270 million victims of over a millennium of jihadi wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilation and enslavement. No mention of the recent slaughter by Muslims of Christians, Hindus, Jews, non-believers in Indonesia, Thailand, Ethiopia, Somalia, Philippines, Lebanon, Israel, Russia, China................ no candor, no criticism of Islam.

The controversial imam behind the Ground Zero Mosque says that America is worse than Al-Qaeda.

David Wood Arrested at Dearborn Arab Festival.

"Dearborn Police arrested us while we were having a peaceful conversation with Muslims. They've since lied repeatedly in order to justify their actions. This video shows what really happened at David Wood's arrest."

A war-on-terror parody of "The Bridge on the River Kwai" featuring George Bush as the character played by William Holden, Tony Blair as the character played by Jack Hawkins, and (in succession) Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Howard Dean, Dick Durbin, Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi as the character played by Alec Guinness.

You'll have watch all the way through to see the above image from this political commentary site and its video titled, The Bridge on the River Kwai Fie

Of Mosques and Men

Reflections on the Ground Zero Mosque with others around the world and why they were built.

The source is an Islamic satellite channel for children called "Birds of Paradise" which broadcasts from Bahrain and aired in Gaza. The children's choir is also called "Birds of Paradise". The head of the channel, Khalid Maqdad, is a Palestinian Jordanian.

Little Palestinian children called "Birds of Paradise" are taught by Islamists in song and dance to sing, "When we die as martyrs!" Hey Mikey Weinstein, are these the fundamental Muslims you say don't represent the religion? You must also believe that denial is a river in Egypt.

This is a video of David Wood, Paul R, and me, Nabeel Qureshi, being arrested for being at the Arab Festival in Dearborn 2010.

Video 1: No hating, no disturbing, no harassing. It remains only to be concluded that we were arrested simply for being Christian Preachers at the Arab Festival in Dearborn.

Christians stand outside Islam festival on public land ready to hand out literature, yet are arrested by Dearborn police. Dearborn, Michigan, is now 35% Muslim thanks to Henry Ford.

Video 2: Dearborn Police defending Islam against the Constitution

Addendum: Court Grants Christian Pastor Right to Distribute at Arab Festival

Raging Muslim students in Sweden attacked artist Lars Vilks during a free speech lecture in Sweden. 15 Islamists screaming “Allahu Akbar” rushed the podium, headbutted Vilks, broke his glasses and tackled him to the floor

During the Question and Answer period David Horowitz had a chilling exchange with a member of the MSA.

Hey Mikey Weinstein, do really believe denial is a river in Egypt? A Muslim Student Association (MSA) member, during a question and answer session with conservative David Horowitz in San Diego, openly admitted she supports Hesbella after Horowitz reminded her it wants to round up Jews and kill them

The mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg is telling anybody and everybody that the Times Square bomber had to be somebody unhappy with Obama’s health care plan, a tea partier. And then after it was learned that, no, no, no, this guy’s a Muslim extremist from Pakistan, and there’s a lot more we know about the guy, then Bloomberg comes out, “We’re not going to tolerate any backlash against Middle Easterners or Muslims in New York City.”

Rush unloads on New York City's RINO Bloomberg for hoping found car bomb in Times' Square was set up by a Tea Pary member unhappy with Obama's healthcare bill.

Islam loves its children - 13-Year Old Yemeni Child-Bride Dies of Genital Bleeding

Hamas released an animated film of abducted Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit bearing a grisly message for Israel: If it doesn't meet the Islamic militant group's demands, the Israeli soldier it has held for nearly four years could return home in a coffin.

Hamas uses Disney Pixar-style cartoon against Israelis, threatening lone captive Israeli soldier will be returned home to his aging father in a coffin. Sic 'em, Daffy Duck!

 Ayaan Hirsi Ali on CNN: Religion, Violence & South Park.

CNN's Anderson Cooper talks to author Ayaan Hirsi Ali about an Islamic warning to the "South Park" creators

Israel's Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, being heckled at UC Irvine by anti-Israel students, February 8, 2010. He persevered, completing his speech, while the anti-free speech students were thrown out and arrested.

Title of this YouTube video from Stand With Us is "Uncivilized Tactics at UC Irvine." What does that mean, uncivilized? Why the political correctness? These are Muslim extremists stepping on our hard-fought right of free speech, as they bring their hate to this university with Muslim attack trills heard in the background again and again. Who are these violent people? Are they're students? Who is paying for their tuition? Are they citizens? Have we so quickly forgotten 9/11? Where are the security checks for who enters this hall when the Ambassador of Israel to the United States is in attendance!! You couldn't do this on their land, yet they bring their hate to our shores. Has America gone so political correct it is willing to allow 13 more dead at Fort Hood? And why is the man in the bottom left corner of the photo almost laughing? Does he know something we don't?

BBC Radio 4's More or Less programme questions the methods and the sources of the YouTube hit 'Muslim Demographics': a video which uses statistics to support claims of the 'Islamification' of Europe. To find out more about More or Less and the programmes partners at the Open University go to

Muslim Demographic

Originally posted by friendofmuslim, this video with updated population statistics tells how and why.

Muslim Demographic -Rebuttal


Muslim Cleric Warns FOX News host - We are coming!

“Sharia will come and it will remove the corruption of democracy, and freedom, and all of your exploitation,” Muslim Cleric Choudary said. You are worried because you know Islam is coming to your backyard.”


Author Pat Condell tells it like it is when Muslims get Shariah . . . and this was taped in 2007!
Don't say you didn't know - Islam in Europe - 2007!


From Russia with Love?

- News from the Russian Bear -

Report - 1-million Muslim students in NYC schools


2007 complaint in Texas, makes you want to say, " You live in America, Dude!"
It's America, Dude! - 2007 Complaint in Houston Texas





"Freedom is Knowledge"